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Color laser Printer for JSR Archives. - Jaya Sri Radhe Archives is collecting funds.

YugalKishoreDas - Wed, 07 Dec 2005 01:17:11 +0530
Radhe Radhe!

Jaya Sri Radhe Archives is collecting funds (Rs.16900 or USD$400) for a color laser printer HP2600n.

In the past, we have tried to use 5 different inkjet printers of different brands but the growing amount of work, repairing costs, cartridge costs, problems with accuracy in printing labels, printer jamming, etc, is leaving us with no choice but buying a more stable and professional printer. Since the price has gone down from US$700 to US$400 in India, we have decided to purchase a color laser printer. The printer will be used for:

1- Printing letters from disciples to Gurudev.
2- Puja, Arati, Gayatri, Harinam and other manuals.
3- Yogapith Maps
4- Different photos and paintings for deity worship.
5- Making labels for VCD's, DVD's, MP3's, interactive CDs, which Jaya Sri Radhe Archives is supplying for Gurudev's ashram (Shri Krishna Chaitanya Shastra Mandir).

Please kindly donate as much as you can by PayPal at

Thanking you in advance for your kind contribution and may Radharani bless all of you.

Jaya Sri Radhe Archive Team
YugalKishoreDas - Fri, 09 Dec 2005 08:42:28 +0530
Radhe Radhe

Jaya Sri Radhe Archives by Radharani kripa and her devotees now has got all the funds to buy the color laser printer and we have got a little bit more extra funds which will be used for a trip to Delhi and to buy printer supplies.

We are thanking you all who has sent funds and we are wishing you to become Radharani's kinkaris and continue service in her abode.

Jaya Sri Radhe Archives Team.