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Brahman, Bhakti and Bhagavan - on Krishna, the nature of His Being and

Talasiga - Thu, 14 Oct 2004 03:33:47 +0530
Brahman, Bhakti and Bhagavan
on Krishna, the nature of His Being, and Radha, as the fullest realisation of that Being ......

Talasiga - Thu, 14 Oct 2004 04:00:01 +0530
from this locked topic

QUOTE(Jagat @ Oct 9 2004, 06:11 PM)
.........The fundamental Vedantic trinity is "Sat" "Chit" and "Ananda." I have been relating these three aspects to the Brahman, Paramatman and Bhagavan features of the Supreme Truth, in the sense that Brahman contains pure being alone, Paramatman Chit, and Bhagavan Ananda.

For reflection, compare with

QUOTE("Professor Eliot Deutsch in Advaita Vedanta p.9 (Uni. of Hawaii Press - ISBN 0-8248-0271-3)")
Brahman is designated by Advaitins as .... "being"..., "consciousness" .... and "bliss" .... .  These are not so much qualifying attributes of Brahman as they are the terms that express the apprehension of Brahman by man.

Jagat, your dissection appears to be antithetical to the unitarian "indivisibleness" of Brahman. When a person experiences being in bliss in a fully conscious state, that state is called Brahman.

One cannot divide Brahman to obtain results other than Brahman.

QUOTE(Jagat @ Oct 10 2004 @ 04:15 AM)
.......The Ananda of undivided unitarian consciousness is only the beginning of joy. That is why the Bhagavatam says, AtmArAmAz ca munayo nirgranthA apy urukramekurvanty ahaitukIM bhaktiM itthambhUta-guNo hariH"How glorious is Krishna, how wonderful his qualities! Even the sages who are situated in the joy of the self, who are completely free from all bonds, still engage in devotion to Him." (SB 1.7.10)..................

Such a beginning for Bhakti does not deserve the "only". Beatitude is eternal, beginningless, endless.

One needs to be cautious not to confuse identifiable qualities of Being with quantitative dissections. The Brahman realised person who is touched by Radha's path becomes immediately a pure devotee, a siddha. Your Bhagavatam quotation does not oppose this.