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appreciation thread - how nice to be here and LEARN!

TarunGovindadas - Mon, 17 Nov 2003 19:05:56 +0530

i volunteer to take the first step!

sorry, if i repeat myself, but i feel the need of opening up my heart.

actually, although im quite a neophyte, i also went through VERY dark times in my life as an aspiring devotee.

like i wrote a few times, i was a total in-betweener. back and forth, here and there.
always with a strange emotional feeling.
it started first when i was inbetween the ISKCON-camp and then the GM-camp.

then after i got to know the books of Srila Ananta das i was inbetween three camps.
my heart was heavy as iron.

in the beginning i found it really shocking to read articles like on Nitais website.
but i somehow could go totally conform with his basic-concepts, although the language was TOO HEAVY.
i always knew that the ISKCON/GM-way was not for me.

now, after a long time of internal hellfire, heat and pain, im very happy that i went through all this.
only to have the opportunity to take part in this wonderful forum.
i met so many wonderful persons here. and most of it all, i learned so much.
really, thats my only sadhu-sanga right now, besides reading books.
and im very happy to be here.

- in the beginning i thought you were kind of arrogant, but more and more i REALLY appreciate you very very much. beginning with the construction of this wonderful homepage with all the incredible facilities..
and your will to help all. and your knowledge, man. thank you so much for being so cool. cool.gif
i do really hope to meet you in Vraja THIS spring, if i can assemble the money. i desperately desire to meet Srila Babaji Mahasaya and of course you or even more from here.

- remember when we spoke on the phone and you asked me if my guru-nistha was strong after i asked you questions about Srila Narayana M.? yo, you bombarded me nicely. i was loaded with inspiration.
and you made good points and a difference in me.
remember when i ordered your books "wholesale" and you sent me the one delivery twice?
i paid lots of money but i bought JEWELS!
we laughed a lot on the phone.
and you helped me a lot. even sometimes heavily smashing my wrong ideas!

Adiyen (Brajmohan)-
i really liked you from your first posts and i liked it very much when we came in contact by some e-mails.
also you cared for my well.being after these stupid "gay-attacks".

- you answered a letter so nicely! you helped me also so much. reading your articles and your posts is like drinking nectar. thanks.

to all other nice members
- thank you for these awesome discussions.
pardon me for my offenses and my crazy temper (the inner idiot)

lets keep this forum so knowledge-wise, contact-wise, friendship-wise AWESOME as it is.

may lots of discussions clear away the fog of MAYA.
may we get to know each other more closely and lets share that tremendous nectar which the Golden Avatar and his Devotees served out!

jay Sri Radhe!
Advaitadas - Mon, 17 Nov 2003 20:45:52 +0530 - the best thing that ever happened to the internet (together with of course)!

Madhava - I woke you from the GM slumber, though I think you were already half awake. You reciprocated greatly and still do. As Rasesh says, but I mean it seriously, the young prince of raganuga siddhanta. Intelligent, sincere and fair.

Jagat - Ally for 21 years. Although we annoy each other we also like each other. Long gone are the days that we strolled through the woods of Prachin Mayapur or bathed in Radhakund, wearing Sadhu Besh. But then again, one never knows, one day again...........?

Adiyen - Friendly gent I encountered at the end of Kunjabhanga Kirtan at Syamasundar Mandir, mangal aratik time. A bit too intellectual sometimes, but can also come out like a mighty plow on the pages of

Ananga - Ally for 21 years too although I never had the fortune to meet you. Missed you out by days in Vraja in '82. Also bit too intellectual, but loyal and sincere. One day we'll sit down and sort out the intellect/intelligence and women's rights issues, in love and peace.

Tarun - Slowly but surely coming on the safe shore. Benign starter of this thread that gives us a chance to glorify the Vaishnavas. Sorry for the price, in the province photocopy rates are murderous.......

Vaishnava Das - Like Madhava, bright young star, whom I hope will fly high and take over the banner from us old horses.

Last but not least - Sparky! Brought so much life and especially joy here with his odd ideas. Teaches everyone with his doggedness the right and wrong siddhantas. Hold on, we almost have your sari ready!