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The reality or imagination of Art? -

Nandai - Thu, 13 Nov 2003 01:11:16 +0530
I just visited the VNN website and I saw this painting of Radha & Krishna,

user posted image

which bring forth this question, WHY Krishna is portrait like a woman or looks like a woman? At least to me, and many other people when I was in sankirtan in the old days. No disrepect to the devotees involved in this particular painting, I am using it just as an example. Besides, where in Vrindaban are the waterfalls, the lotus flower everywhere, beautiful birds, the peaceful cows, serene atmosphere, the palaces of marmol of nanda maharaj ( a nomad) etc.

What I am missing here? Reality or imagination?
Gaurasundara - Thu, 13 Nov 2003 09:58:44 +0530
Just so everyone knows, I got that painting in my email. It is the latest effort of Jadurani dasi (Syamarani) done under the guidance of Narayana Maharaja. Apparently, NM praised it so much that he said Syamarani had taken his mind and put it on canvas.

As for why Krishna looks feminine and the question about waterfalls, etc., I have no idea! blush.gif

P.S. Oh I see what you mean. Well, I'd think that Vraja of today is far different from Vraja of 5000 years ago?
Advaitadas - Thu, 13 Nov 2003 13:42:54 +0530
Regarding the fountains, lotus flowers, birds etc. I believe Syamarani/Yadurani based her painting on descriptions of Vraja given in the Gosvamis' books rather than on what our retinas show us when we travel to a region in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. Vai-kuntha means no limitation - everything is there in the greatest quality and quantity. This one needs to see through the eyes of shastra. smile.gif
Mina - Fri, 14 Nov 2003 01:28:04 +0530
She obviously used female models for the facial features, just as she did for the painting of Vishnu on the cover of Isopanishad (Mohini Shakti Dasi). It think it works quite well for the subject - after all, Krisha's physique in the painting is that of a sixteen year old male. If you pay attention to detail - the size of the hands for instance - Krishna's are larger and more masculine than Radha's - it is obvious.
Gaurasundara - Fri, 14 Nov 2003 07:46:43 +0530
Also, the painting is supposed to be a depiction of how Krishna is attempting to break Radharani's mana. So that could be the reason why Krishna Himself appears to be crying, as His strategy at breaking the mana does not seem to be working, lila-wise?