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Separation or meeting -

Kalkidas - Wed, 29 Oct 2003 17:27:07 +0530
So, what should I do with this body now?
Ah, sakhi, there’s no life without Krsna,
Nothing else is left, but to drink some poison!
Or we’ll step into abyss from mount!
Or we’ll offer our heads to Siva!
Or we’ll commit ourselves to the flames,
Or, may Jamna cower us with waters!
Living apart is unbearable for us
After the happiness of meeting with darling!
Sur: Radha is exhausted without Krsna,
Thinking so and suffering infinitely.

(Sorry, don't have the original text of this pada by Sur Das in Bradj)

Radhe Radhe!

A question is older, than world: what is higher, separation or meeting?:-)