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Registration: Good idea, not a great burden - Please don't let this site degenerate

vamsidas - Mon, 06 Oct 2003 01:53:06 +0530

Just a suggestion...

These days, it is very easy for anyone to acquire a "disposable" e-mail address. If somebody needs an extra measure of privacy, it is simple to establish a "throwaway" address for use in confidential and/or sensitive communications.

Therefore, I see no benefit in allowing non-registered users to post on Why not provide some simple guideline for "newbies" as to how they can get a yahoo or hotmail or ? address, if they prefer some anonymity... and then require registration of ALL who post here?

That should not prevent any sincere communications. Some who are frightened that their current "authorities" are "watching" could use throwaway e-mail addresses, and usernames that mask their true identities. Others who can speak more freely can use their regular email addresses, and openly share their identities in their usernames and messages.

I have watched more than one nominally Vaishnava message board degenerate badly when it has allowed completely anonymous posts to drag it down into sectarian bickering, personal attacks, and generally unpleasant feelings among many of the participants. Please don't let that happen here.
Madhava - Mon, 06 Oct 2003 02:22:24 +0530
I have kept the guest posting option open for people who are in for a brief visit, but I suppose it won't make much difference, given the fact that most people who have actually had something serious to ask, even if just briefly, have bothered to register. I have given thought to this, too.

Guest posting is disabled effective immediately. Anyone who wishes to post should sign up. It only takes one or two minutes to complete.