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Sept. 2003 Meditations - Radharani's lamentation

Gaurasundara - Wed, 17 Sep 2003 07:48:50 +0530
Radharani laments thus:

"Lalita! You led Me to believe that when I met with Krsna I would be drowned in the ambrosial ocean of His loving embrace. By this allurement you led Me from My home and then immediately brought Me back. What sin have I committed that has kept Me from this sea of nectar? O Sakhi! We just watched the sun setting in the western sky and now it's already about to rise above the eastern mountains. Has the nighttime become imaginary like a flower growing in the sky? Sakhi! My ears, tongue and eyes have been afflicted by the intense fever of constant longing. But fie upon them a hundred times over, for today they don't allow Me to drink even a drop of the nectar of Syamasundara's sweet voice, sweet lips or sweet form."

Lalita replied, "Radha! Last night, Your union with Krsna caused You to study the nirveda-paddhati.* Now, in separation from Him, You recite it again by cursing Yourself. Being with Acyuta caused You to taste the sweetness of His words, lips and form, but Your separation now tortures You like a deadly poison."

Overwhelmed by love, Vrsabhanavi Sri Radha was not able to understand Lalita's words. Hoping to see the lord of Her heart again in Her dreams, Srimati lay down in bed and fell asleep.
-- (Krsna-bhavanamrtam 2.76-80)

* Because this paddhati (guide book or manual) transgresses the codes of dharma, it is called nirveda, or outside of the Vedas.