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Rupa Goswami Poetry Contest - To all you writers out there

Mina - Wed, 10 Sep 2003 02:13:06 +0530
I mentioned this over on the other topic. This seemed like a good place to post this excerpt (up on another forum), considering our audience.

"Anyone know of any good poets out there influenced by Vaisnava thought?
My wife mentioned Denise Levertov who collaborated with Ed Dimock on
those Padyavali translations. I don't know if she counts or not. It
might have just been a gig for her. Maybe we ought to encourage
creative writing by Vaisnavas or those influenced by Vaisnavism. My
wife and I are willing to plop down some money for a poetry prize.
Maybe some of the rest of you will also contribute to make the prize
more attractive. We can hold the first annual Rupa Goswami Poetry
Contest. Set a date, appoint some judges, spread the word and see what
the poets produce. If we get some good entries, perhaps we can get them
published, the winner and any runners-up worthy of note. The details of
the contest have to be worked out. Who is eligible to participate and
some guidelines for the poetry to be submitted. I think it should
probably be open to anyone, but the poems submitted should somehow
reflect or embody the Vaisnava worldview. What do all you pandits
assembled here think?

Enough for now. Hope all are well. Miro, put down that shovel or
hammer and give us a shout!


I will keep everyone posted on the details, once they have been decided upon.