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Whatever is left over from the archives of the old Raganuga.Com forums after most of the substantial threads were moved to the relevant areas of the main forums.

Sadhus Hold Open Heaven's Gate At Braj -

Madhava - Sun, 10 Aug 2003 07:56:52 +0530
A Rare Glimpse into the Joyously Austere Life
Of Two Dozen Souls
Abiding in Lord Krishna's Realm

By Rajiv Malik, New Delhi

First-time visitors to Vrindavan, a small township of Uttar Pradesh, might mistakenly think they were in an ordinary Indian city. But as they wandered the streets and conversed with those who dwell here, they would soon discover that Vrindavan is unmistakably extraordinary. It is a land of saints, and the home of God.


It was interesting to find Baba Vishnu Das of Bhagavat Nivas featured, too.