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Travelling to Vraja/Radha Kunda -

gauraprema - Sat, 26 Jul 2003 21:50:08 +0530
Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble dandavat pranams.

JAI SRI RADHE! biggrin.gif

I am planning to travel to Radha Kunda in mid-November, after Kartika. It's the only time that I have free to travel as I have to attend University till then. I was wondering if there are any devotees who will be planning to be in Vraja/ Radha Kunda at that time, as I will be travelling alone to Vraja from Australia and am a little worried as I am in a female body. Any tips, information on anyone travelling at the same time as me that I could meet up with in Delhi, or in Vraja?

Please help, it would be extremely valuable for me, thank you so much.

Radhe Radhe!

Your servant
Sudevi dasi biggrin.gif
Madhava - Sun, 27 Jul 2003 01:03:10 +0530
Myself and Malatilata will be traveling sometime in January, staying for four months. I hope someone else will surface who will travel for Karttik time.

How long do you plan to stay?