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64 Rounds of Maha-Mantra - Hare Krishna Hare Rama

Govindaram - Thu, 24 Jul 2003 20:02:15 +0530
Hare Krishna All biggrin.gif

Is it really possible to sit down chant 64 rounds of the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra, I heard somewhere that if you want relief from Maya then try chanting 64 rounds and eat little.

I can chant 16 rounds but after that, my legs start to hurt rolleyes.gif

And my mind reels at the thought of 48 more rounds sad.gif

what can I do, I really want to chant 64 rounds even just for one day, just to see how it feels like.
Jagat - Thu, 24 Jul 2003 22:32:31 +0530
If you did sixteen sitting down, you are already doing well. Try doing the next eight pacing back and forth, or if you can find a quiet park where you can go for a walk in silence, chant a part of your 64 rounds there. Zen also monks practice a kind of walking meditation. Use a measured pace and be mindful of your breathing.
I_love_krishna_ - Thu, 24 Jul 2003 23:05:54 +0530
Man! i lose count after 2! how the heck do you do 64.

mad.gif may be I should think harder! wink.gif
Govindaram - Fri, 25 Jul 2003 00:11:42 +0530
Hare Krishna Jagat smile.gif

I was reading your reply, and it seems to me that if I chant 16 rounds then 8 rounds that makes 24, then I can do the same 16/8, then I have only 16 more rounds left, instead of thinking I have 16 rounds, then another 16 then another 16 then another 16 ohmy.gif , sort of a trick on the mind maybe. I will hopefuly try some time. unsure.gif
Madhava - Fri, 25 Jul 2003 00:23:05 +0530
Indeed, as Jagat pointed out, there is no need to chant it all at once. You can spread the chanting over the day, whenever you find a spare moment and feel inspired, sit down and chant a couple of rounds.

Of course there are ideals out there, such as chanting 192 rounds per day with rapt attention, but it is not all that common to jump from zero to ideal over a matter of weeks, months or even years. Take your time and build it up.

Don't think about those rounds so much. It is not rounds that count, it is your bhakti which counts. The more you concentrate on your chanting, and the more you do it as a sincere offering of your heart to Radha and Krishna, the more satisfying the experience will be, both for you and for Them. That being said, naturally the quantity of rounds will increase as your inclination to chant increases.

Of course many of us are raveling in the world of samsara and find no time to engage in bhajan as much as we'd like to. Anyhow, that will build up the pressure of desire for bhajan in the heart, and when finally there will be ample facility for acts of devotion, bhajan will come to flourish.

Oh yes, take some time off and go to Vraja. You'll see its magic effect on your chanting.
Govindaram - Fri, 25 Jul 2003 00:50:00 +0530
Hare Krishna Madava smile.gif

Oh yes, take some time off and go to Vraja

You read my mind, ever since I was a child I've been desiring to go to Vrindavana the birth place of Krishna, but for various reasons Ive not been able too, only Radha-Krishna knows when the land of Vraja will call my name sad.gif

Jai Sri Krishna or Radhe Radhe as Raganuga Bhaktas say biggrin.gif
Govindaram - Fri, 25 Jul 2003 01:50:49 +0530
I've been to India twice, once when I was 8 and when I was 20, both times I wanted to go to Vrindavana but the answer I got was it's too far mad.gif , I guess I should've just walked there on my own ohmy.gif , how far is Vraja from Surat anyway?
adiyen - Fri, 25 Jul 2003 13:46:23 +0530
The Bhakti is of course paramount.

But I also find the numerics give a framework for the chanting. If I can't chant all at once, I chant in blocks which give me something to aim for:
4 rounds, 8 rounds, 16 rounds. 2X4=8, 4X4=16, 4X16=64. It helps to break it down like this. 'The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step'. So begin with 4 rounds, then double it and quadruple it. Same with 16 rounds.

Do 16 rounds before breakfast. Then 16 before lunch. Then 16 at sunset. Then 16 before bed, or you can fit another 16 during the day. Of course this is on a day when you have nothing else to do, like ekadasi. Make it pleasant and you will look forward to it. It should never be a chore. Really offer those rounds to Radha and Krishna in your mind: They can hear you!

Oh, yes. You don't have to sit. Many devotees chant while walking, doing parikrama, circumambulating Tulsi, or just pacing up and down- which is good for the circulation and health.

Surat? Very long way to Braj. You are Gujarati yes? A word of advice- understand your own Gujarati Krishna-bhakti traditions before committing yourself to Gaudiyaism. You should make an informed choice. I believe the Vallabhacharya Bhaktas have strong Gujarati connections. They are also prominent in Braj, and they also have a form of Raganuga called 'Pushti Marg'. Unless you understand the subtle differences between them, you may later be tempted to change.

But there I go, I am not capable of explaining these differences. There are many Vallabha websites. Perhaps you could make a comparative study.

Jagat and Madhava, what do you think?
Govindaram - Fri, 25 Jul 2003 20:33:27 +0530
Hare Krishna All smile.gif

I don't want to sound '?' but after having spoken/chat to devotee in Radha-Kunda I find myself being attracted by Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaja, I know I should NOT say this. But what can I do, I wil pray to Radha-Krishna/Gaura-Nitai for help in my search for a spiritual master..

sorry for any offences caused, your servant.
Madhava - Sat, 26 Jul 2003 00:16:11 +0530
Govindaram, I don't think you need to be concerned over this, there is nothing fundamentally wrong in being attracted to a great bhajananandi mahatma. wink.gif
Govindaram - Sat, 26 Jul 2003 00:49:05 +0530
Hare Krishna smile.gif

Thanks Madhava what should I do now, sorry for asking all the time sad.gif , but I promice to pray for you if I ever advance in spiritual life..
Guest - Sun, 27 Jul 2003 00:09:29 +0530
Radhe Radhe
I am happy for you Govindaram, keep going, you will see the light from lotus feet of Radha Krishna.
Radharani is very merciful, keep looking for Her.
Govindaram - Sun, 27 Jul 2003 00:17:32 +0530
Thanks Yugal smile.gif

Hope your move and everything is going well unsure.gif

Hare Krishna biggrin.gif
Madhava - Sun, 27 Jul 2003 01:15:15 +0530
Where are you moving to, Yugal?