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Am I not fit for being a Vaishnava -

I_love_krishna_ - Sat, 12 Jul 2003 05:42:58 +0530
I don't eat meat, I don't fall into the pits of intoxication (alcohol), but I can't give up certain desires like wanting a car, or wanting new clothes or wanting to be mean to some people.

I can't do it. I am not able to stop alienating certain people in my life , nor can I give up these petty desires. I haven't started drinking coffee (thank god) . But, I just can't give these things up.

With out giving these cravings of material life, I cannot move on.

When waking up every single day ! I think that i am going to be thinking about my beloved radha krishna , but after brushing my teeth, boom! i forget. I start watching tv... boom! i forget them. Then again, after I go to bed at night...

I say to my self....... but I will remember them tommorrow.

I keep this radha krishna business a secret, so, the only place I can ask is this strange forum on the internet and to a bunch of strangers who don't know me.

Please help me...

I want to remember Radha and krishna all day and I want to give these material desires up even though they tempt me like hell.
Govindaram - Sun, 13 Jul 2003 21:28:55 +0530
Hare Krishna

Seems like you a regular here now I_Love_krishna smile.gif

Have you talked with Yugalji yet on paltalk (that would help!)

You should though chant the hare-krishna maha-mantra on beads (can buy them for 3$), in the morning (no TV!), once you get in the habit, it will become like second nature, like it is for me and many people....then if u want you can watch a bit of tv (not recommended but hey wink.gif