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Song to be sung before honoring Prasada - Sri Nityananda Parivara

Tamal Baran das - Fri, 13 Jun 2003 15:40:57 +0530
Dear devotees,

I am writing this to find out actually which song do we sing before honoring Prasad.I have heard one chanted in Ashram of my Gurudeva(by senior Gurubrothers),but i unfortunatelly don't know that song.Similar(or different?) song,i have heard in Ashram of Murari Das Baba at Sri Radhakunda(Gurubrother of Nitai Das and Minaketan Ramdas Das),but again i don't know it.
Can somebody help me,and post it here?I will be more than happy and grateful for that.

Tamal blush.gif
adiyen - Sun, 15 Jun 2003 14:05:40 +0530
Tamalji, I am also curious.
Do you mean

'Mahaprasada Govinde Namo Brahmani Vaishnave
Svalpa-punya-tapa-rajan vishvaso 'naiva jayate!' ?

(Apologies for any errors)
I heard this common prayer (which I already knew) chanted once or twice before prasad in Radhakunda when I was fortunate to accompany the Babas at prasad.

But mostly they would just recite an endless list of ' jaya!' for about ten minutes(!) For example, 'Sri Vrindavan Dham ki Jaya, Sri Nabawipa Dham ki Jaya...' This was always by the most senior Baba. After which time the prasad would usually be cold(!). Every single Gaudiya devotee and Dham would have to be mentioned, ki Jaya! then the servers would offer dandabat and we would commence to eat after the senior had started.

But you seem to refer to something else. Can anyone else help?

Sarira-avidya-jal is of course a very nice prayer by Sri Bhaktivinoda, recited by all his followers but not known by other Gaudiyas.

If my Bengali were progressing I could look up prasad-seva prayers in my Manohar-Bhajan-Dipika, but sadly I am hopeless so far.
Braj Mohan Das.