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vishwa rUpA - varAha purANa

Guest_Som - Thu, 05 Jun 2003 15:33:35 +0530
Hare Krishna!

Vaishnavebhyo Namo Namaha!

An interesting verse from vaRAha purANa

SrI BhaTTar also gives the reference to the varAha carama Sloka-s from varAha purANa -
sthithe manasi susvsthe SarIre sati yo narah | dhAtu-sAmye sthithe smartA viSva-rUpam ca mAma ajam ||
tatastam mriyamANam tu kAshTha pAshANa sannibham | aham smarAmi mad-bhaktam nayAmi paramAm gatim ||

"The man who, when his mind is in normal condition, when the body is not shattered, and when the elementary constituents of his body (dhAtu-s) are in perfect equipoise, meditates on Me who has the world as My body and who am not subject to biths due to karmA - when that man lies like a log of wood or a piece of stone in his dying moments, I think of this devotee of Mine and lead to attain the Supreme Abode".

One interesting thing to note here is that the Lord is referring to His impersonal form here referring to "World as My body". Any reflections on this?

The link from where I've taken this is : [ 30.281 - mantrah ]

Hari Hari..
Madhava - Fri, 06 Jun 2003 02:24:36 +0530
The same is described on a couple of occasions in the Bhagavata. Such meditation leads to mukti.