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Caitanya's sannyasi-murti - some info,please.

jiva - Tue, 08 Apr 2003 17:47:08 +0530
Recently,I was reading Prabhodananda's ''Sri Caitanya-candramrta''.In Chapet Seven,(Upasya-nistha;''The Firm Conviction that Lord Caitanya is the Worshipable Supreme Personality of Godhead''), Prabhodananda Sarasvati said:

7.70 ''I pray that my mind may always remember Lord Gauranga,the SANNYASI whose eyes are like two bumblebees drawn to the glistening lotus flower of Lord Jagganatha's face in the festive city of Nilacala,who is tossed by great waves of ecstatic love of God,and who is the same Lord Krsna who appeared like Cupid to the doe-eyed girls of Vraja''.

7.71 ''I take shelter of Lord Gaura Hari,who has accepted the saffron garment of a SANNYASI,whose bodily hairs stand up in ecstasy,and whose handsome form is decorated with pearl-like tears from His lotus eyes.''

This remind me to ask : Is there any temple in India with Caitanya's murti as a sannyasi ?

with respect,
Madhava - Sat, 26 Apr 2003 19:12:09 +0530
There is one murti on the parikrama marg around Vrindavan town, on the last quarter of the parikrama. It used to be a very beautiful place with Mahaprabhu sitting under a big Banyan tree, but now recently some branch of Gaudiya Math began to take care of it and built a big, thick wall around the place, filling up the place with pictures of their gurus; the mood of Mahaprabhu sitting under a solitary tree in Vraja is completely gone. Anyhow, Mahaprabhu is still very beautiful. I do not know if there is any regular worship being done at this place, but at least a murti is there. I should have a picture somewhere, let me look for it.

Statues (means non-altarlike murtis) are found for example in the Puri temple. I can't recall others for now.
nabadip - Tue, 06 May 2003 22:08:04 +0530
Since he is only worshipped as Gauranga the grihasta, is there a deeper meaning as to why the respective authors refer to the names Caitanya in the titles of their biographies, and certainly Krsna Das Kaviraj often takes the sannyas name when refering to the hidden significance of Gauranga? Is it that the union in separation, seen as the highest (?), was most intensly present in that phase of his lila? Even the pancha-tattva is in that name. I understand there are Gaur-Bhaktas who refuse to "see" Sri Gauranga as sannyasi. Jai Nitai.