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Pictures here - ... please !

Raga - Sat, 16 Feb 2002 16:45:54 +0530
Jay Radhe!

The forums at Raganuga Discussions are for discussion, and therefore big images should be posted in this forum only.

For people with broadband connection, it is no problem, but for the majority of people on a 56K modem, loading five 40K images = 200K means waiting three minutes for the screen to load. This drives away most of the visitors, since it is too much of a pain to load such big pages.

Therefore, please post your images in this forum ONLY.

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Raga - Sat, 16 Feb 2002 16:48:15 +0530
Here is the first posting with images from "Daily Meditations".


"yamunA nikaTa taTa sthita
vrindAvana kAnane mahAramye
kalpa druma talabhUmau
caraNaM caraNopari sthApya
tishTaMtaM ghana nIlaM
sva tejasA bhAsayanta miha vizvaM
pitAmbara paridhAnaM
candana karpUra lipta sarvAGgam."

Lord Krishna is standing with one leg crossed over the other, under the wish-yielding Kalpa tree, in a most beautiful flowery bower in Vrindavana,
situated near the banks of the river Yamuna.

His complexion as a dark rain-ladden cloud, illuminates the
whole world with its Luster. He is dressed in yellow silk Garments and all parts of His transcendental body are anointed with the paste of sandalwood and camphor.

user posted image

"Akarna pUrna netraM
kuNDala yuga maNDita zravaNaM
manda smita mukha kamalaM
sa kaustubho dAra maNi hAraM
valayAGgulIya kAdyA
nujjvala yantaM svalankArAn
gala vilulita vana mAlaM
sva tejasApAsta kali kAlaM."

His large captivating eyes seem to reach almost to His ears which are adorned with glittering earrings. A sweet, gentle, enchanting smile blooms from His lotus face. He is wearing jewelery made of precious stones, pearls and the celestial jem, Kaustubha.
The radiance of His transcendental Body enhances the splendour of the golden bracelets, rings and the other ornaments present on Him. As the vanamala (garland made of five heavenly fragrant
flowers) around His neck, is gently swaying to and fro,
His very brilliance and beauty drives away the sinful effects of the dark age of Kali.

"gunjAravAli kalitaM
gunjA puGjAnvite zirasi
bhuGjAnaM saha gopaiH
kunjAn tar vartinaM hariM smarata.

mandAra puSpa vAsita
mandAnila sevita parAnandaM
mandAkinI yuta padaM namata
mahAnanda daM mahA puruSaM."

The curly locks of His dark hair surrounded by the vines and fragrant flowers of the Divine bower, are attracting the intoxicated, noisy, bumble bees. Fondly remember and contemplate upon Lord Hari Who is frolicking in the bower along with His cowherd playmates and eating His midday meal joyfully.

Offering worship and prayers, meditate upon that Supreme Personality, Sri Krishna, the Bestower of the highest Bliss!
He is fanned by the gentle breeze, scented with the fragrance of heavenly 'mandAra' flowers, and His lotus feet are attended by the sacred celestial river, Ganges.

user posted image

"surabhIkRta digvalayaM
surabhi zatair AvritaH paritaH
surabhIti kSapaNa mahA
sura bhImaM yAdavaM namata."

His Divine fragrance pervades all around as He is encircled by hundreds of blessed cows who are attracted by His captivating beauty and soul-stirring ethereal music pouring from His Flute.

user posted image

Let us offer our humble obeisance to  Beloved Lord, Sri Krishna, the Descendent of Yadu dynasty, Who even drives away the fears of heavenly gods by terrifying and conquering the demoniac forces with His Supreme Valor.

-'Prabodha Sudhakara'- Adi Jagadguru Sri Shankaracarya Bhagavatpada

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Sat, 16 Feb 2002 20:04:28 +0530
Namaste. smile.gif
Thanks for the clarification. [_/]  [/_/]
Your point is well taken.
Sorry for the inconvenience. But it is worth it! biggrin.gif
All the best in maintaining this devotional forum.
Jaya Sri Radhey!      [-oo-]
Raga - Sun, 17 Feb 2002 01:01:06 +0530
Sorry for the inconvenience. But it is worth it!
All the best in maintaining this devotional forum.

No problem. The pictures are lovely, and no problem for me with a 512kbps connection. Only I fear that people on 56kbps will just close the browser when they hit the critical forum.

If you like, you can prepare two posting and post the other one in the general forum and then have the one with images here. Then in the end of your regular posting, add a link to this forum using the http:// button. Just go and copy the link for this forum. Right click on the topic title and "Copy Shortcut", "Copy Link Address" or whetever. Then click http:// and enter the url as prompted. It should come out like this:

> My sweet posting has also sweet images, see here!

Please either use the iB tags you get from the buttons or make it open into a _blank browser if you hard code with html.

As you put it,

Sorry for the inconvenience. But it is worth it!


Thanks for the good wishes. That's why I set it all up.
anuraag - Mon, 18 Feb 2002 07:10:21 +0530
Happy Celebrations of 'Vasantha Panchami' to all devotees!

Many thousands of years ago, on the Special Day of "Vasantha Panchami", Lord Radha-Krishna had BROADCASTED in the world the Supreme Glory of Srimati Radharani, through this enlightening, Blissful Lila!

On the night of "Vasantha Pancami", the Divine Couple were playing ‘RAAS’ with the Gopis of Braj.

Suddenly Krishna longed to be alone with His Beloved, Radhika.
He conveyed His Message of Love through His eyes to Radha.
Naturally, His Soul Radha, understood His heart felt desire.
She left the place of 'RAAS' slowly and set out for the secret Tryst.

Sri Krishna also managed to leave the other Gopis behind and secretly entered a nearby Kunj (a small garden of flowering creepers and bushes), waiting for His Sweetheart, Radha.

Here Gopis were upset not finding Krishna and started looking for Him.
They searched and searched all of the familiar places in Brindavan and slowly approached the Kunj, where Krishna was awaiting for Radha.
As Krishna saw Gopis approaching, He wanted to leave for another Kunj. But there was not enough time to escape.

So, He decided to play this trick on Gopis.

He immediately assumed His all Blissful Almighty Godly form of Maha Vishnu at once, with FOUR ARMS holding Wheel, Lotus, Conchshell and Mace in respective hands.

Gopis came to see this Opulent, Radiant Form of LORD NARAYANA but the LONGING for Their Divine Beloved Krishna could NOT be satisfied.

Covering their heads and faces with veils, they bowed down to this Great God Maha Vishnu and offered prayers with RESPECT from a DISTANCE, requesting Him for the Blessing of the ASSOCIATION of Their BELOVED (Krishna) and LEFT that place with DISAPPOINTMENT.

The Sweethearts of Krishna could NOT find any charm in this "Almighty form of Lord Narayana".

The storehouses of the treasure of Krishna PREMA could not be attracted to His Godly powers and Opulence.

Soon Sri Radha, the Sweet Daughter of King Vrishabhanu, majestically approached the Kunj where Krishna was staying.

He WANTED to surprise Radha with His Four-Armed Opulent Godly Form of NARAYANA. So, He TRIED to remain in the SAME Form of Narayana while greeting Sri Radhika.

As Radhaji came CLOSER and CLOSER, Sri Krishna’s "Almighty form of Lord Vishnu" started DISAPPEARING, just as the butter losing its shape and form nearing a flame!

By the time Radha reached Krishna, He had completely ASSUMED His Original Beautiful Form, decorated with PEACOCK Feathered crown and holding FLUTE in His hand!

The Opulent Almighty Form of Lord Maha Vishnu TOTALLY DISAPPEARED!

user posted image

rAdhA-mAdhavayor jayanti
yamunA-kUle rahaH-kelayaH

ONLY the Beloved son of Nanda Maharaj,
ONLY the Beautiful Blue Boy of Braj,
ONLY the Stealer of Gopis’ hearts,
ONLY the Divine Flutist and
ONLY Radhika Raman (Enjoyment of Radhika)
WAS ABLE TO REMAIN in the PRESENCE of Srimati Radhika,


(Ref. Caitanya Caritamritam Adilila. 17. texts 277-293)
anuraag - Wed, 20 Feb 2002 22:27:17 +0530
user posted image

"yaH kRSNAH sA 'pi rAdhA

yA rAdhA kRSN yeva saH"

(Narada Panca Ratram)

Sri Radha and Krishna are of the same essence.

The Divine Form that has been manifested as Krishna, is of Radha's
and Sri Krishna Himself is the same Radha.

Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Tue, 26 Feb 2002 02:21:57 +0530

Happy celebrations of Lord Nityananda-Balarama's appearance day!

Lord Nityananda Rama was Lord Baladeva Who was the elder brother of Lord Krishna, during His celebrated pastimes of Vraja dhama.

user posted image

The Rasik Saint Sri Jayadeva had glorified  the 'Balarama Incarnation' in his famous Dashavatara Stotra with these beautiful verses:

"vahasi vapuSi vizade vasanaM jaladAbhaM
hala hati bhIti milita yamunAbham
kezava! dhRta hala dhara rUpa
jaya jagadIza! hare!

(Gita Govindam 1. 12)

'O Lord Kesava! You have assumed the form of spotless body wearing a garment resembling the rain-cloud, reminding the bluish color of Yamuna river who came to you in surrender for fear of the blow of Your plough;

O Lord of the World! O my Beloved Hari! All glories to You Who bore the form of the Plough-holder, Balarama!'

The Plough-holder, Lord Balarama- traditionally noted for his exuberant, excessive drinking; His fair body is clothed with a garment that is dark (like a rain-cloud and like the River Yamuna) in contrast to Lord Krishna's dark, yellow-clad, body. The Plough-holder ordered the Yamuna to come to him and when it refused he dug a furrow with his plough to divert it to himself.

user posted image

The Rasik-Saint Sri Bilva Mangala Thakur had also glorified  the Lord in his 'Govinda-Damodara Stotram':

 "zrI yAdavendr Adridhar AmbujAkSa!
go gopa gopI sukha dAna dakSa!
dharAbharottAraNa gopa veSa!
vihAra lIlA kRta bandhu zeSa!

jihve pibasvAmRtame tad eva
govinda! dAmodara! mAdhaveti."

Meaning -

"O my blessed tongue! Always enjoy only the delicious Nectar, the Names of my Beloved such as -

Govinda, transcendental Joy of all senses,
Maadhava, the Beloved Spouse of Radhika,
Daamodara, the Lord fastened by a chord of Divine Love around Him,
the Mighty King of Yadu dynasty (zrI yAdavendra),
the Lifter of Mount Govardhana (adridhara),
the Lotus-eyed Lord (ambujAkSa),
the expert Dispenser of Supreme Pleasure to His affectionate cows, to His cowherd friends and to His Sweetheart cowherdesses (go gopa gopI sukha dAna dakSa),
the Lord manifested on the earth in the Divine form of Cowherd-Boy to uplift the mankind (dharAbhrottAraNa gopa veSa),

Who is accompanied in His Blissful exploits by Mighty Lord Sesha as His Beloved Brother, to enhance the transcendental joy (vihAra lIlA kRta bandhu zeSa)!

]user posted image

All glories to Lord Nityananda - Balarama's Appearance day!

Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:48:23 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste and happy auspicious celebrations of 'Maha Shiva Ratri' to all devotees!

user posted image

When Lord Krishna and Radharani played the magnificent Divine dance of 'Maha Raasa Lila', Shankar Bhagavan entered the Lila as a Gopi.

Thus He became popular with the Name Gopi-Isvara.

There is a temple in Vrindavan for Gopisvara, Whom all Vrajavasis worship with love.

Lord Siva Himself is the Master of Music. Worshippers of Nada Brahma, the Sound Incarnate of Lord, accept Him as their Guru.

Some Rasik Saints say Lord Siva is Lord Krishna's 'Flute'.

They are also right in the sense, that because the 'Flute' is Krishna's 'Priya Sakhi' and Sivaji too has transformed Himself to become His Gopi, any way.

This verse from 'Brahma-Samhita-56', which is very dear to Gauranga Mahaprabhu confirms - "..vaMzI priya sakhI..."

The verse 45 of 'Sri Brahma Samahitam' gives another kind of transformation -

"kSIraM yathA dadhi vikAra vizeSa yogAt

saJjAyate na hi pRthag asti hetoH

yaH zambhu tAm api tathA samupaiti kAryAd

govindam AdipuruSaM tam ahaM bhajAmi"

Meaning: Just as milk itself is transformed into curd (yogurt), but yet they both are neither SAME nor DIFFERENT from each other, so also I adore my Beloved primeveal Lord Govinda, Who has transformed Himself into Lord Shiva for the performance of divine lilas.

Here are some more excerpts, taken from Brahma Vaivarta Purana in relation to Lord Siva.

"Lord Siva is said to be a portion of Lord Krishna and arise out of the left side of Krshna's body.

"vAmarddhAGgo mahAdevo

dakSiNo gopikApatiH"

The left half became Siva and the right became the Husband of Gopis.

He is dearly loved by Krishna.

The BVP says it is sin to slander Siva, Who is dearer to Krishna than His own life.

Krishna Himself declares:

"Among my favorites Brahma is dear to Me.

Lakshmi, ever residing on my chest, is dearer than Brahma.

Radha is yet dearer, and my devotees are dearer still.

Dearest of all is Shankara (Siva); no one is dearer than He.

My heart resides with my devotees, My life with Radha.

My Self with Sankara, who is dearer than My life."

(Bkh,Pkh, KJkh of BVP)

Those who are the Excellant Portions of Krishna are intensely devoted to Him.

It is not surprising then that Siva, a Portion of Krishna, is His Devotee.

We find frequent references to Siva as the BEST OF VAISNAVAS.

Accordingly, Siva seeks to become the Servant of Krishna and confesses His own dependence upon the latter.

Siva is often portrayed as in constant MEDITATION ON KRISHNA, WEEPING, DANCING with ECSTACY of devotion.

Of all those who know Krishna, it is Siva, the BEST OF VAISNAVAS, who knows Him best.

Thus, by Siva's Grace a votary may attain faith in Krishna.

Siva in fact states that those who oppress Vaisnavas will be punished by Krishna and that the hearts of non-vaisnavas are impure He further exclaims that Vaisnavas are DEARER to HIM than HIS OWN followers.

Krishna, Who is filled with Love for His devotees, has made Siva equal to Himself on account of Siva's DEEP Devotion.

Krishna asserts that Siva is fully His EQUAL in splendour, knoweledge and virtue.

Further, the Divine Forms or Bodies (Sat-Chit-Ananda vigrahas) of Siva and Krishna alone are Eternal, not those of other beings.

It is through Siva's Devotion to Krishna, finally, not MERE EQUALITY, but actual IDENTITY is apparently attained:

="red">'svapne jAgaraNe zazvath kRSNa dhyAna rataH


yathA kRSNA stathA zambhur na bhedo mAdhavezayoH"

(Brahma Vaivarta Purana-Prakriti khanda II.56.61)

"Sleeping or awake, Siva is constantly absorbed in MEDITATION of KRISHNA.


'yo hariH sa zivaH sAkSAd yaH zivaH sa svayaM hariH

ye tayor bhedamAti sthan narakAya bhave nnaraH"

(Visnu purana.5.33.46)

"Whoever is Lord Hari, He Himself is Lord Shiva indeed.

Whoever is manifesting as Lord Shiva, He Himself is Lord Hari.

Any humanbeing mistakes both the Lords to be different, he/she surely goes to hell.

In Vishnu Purana also, VISHNU declares HIS NON DIFFERENCE from SIVA. (V.P.5.33.46-48)

Here we find, full justification for the statement in the Narada PancaRatra concerning the BVP as teaching the NON DIFFERENCE between HARI AND HARA.

Often we are told that whoever does not worship the Linga of Siva commits a great sin and goes to hell.

user posted image

Krishna says to Siva:

"Who, having constructed Your linga of clay, joined with Prakriti (yoni), at a place of piligrimage, worships it a thousand times with devotion...

He shall rejoice with Me in GOLOKA for crore of Kalpas.

And who worships at that place a lakh of lingas, with proper offerings, Shall not fall from GOLOKA; He shall be equal to US.

Saivaite devotional practices lead, then, to the ultimate goal of the Vaisnavas.

In Brahma-Samhita the relationship of Lord Siva and Lord Govinda are compared to that of milk and yogurt. Milk itself becomes TRANSFORMED into yogurt.

Similarly, though They both are possessing the same transcendental attributes, They PERFORM different divine pastimes.

"yathA ziva mayo viSNuH

zivasya hRdayaM viSNur viSNoz

ca hRdayaM zivaH"

(Skanda Purana)

Just as Lord Vishnu is pervaded by Lord Shiva,

similarly, in Siva's heart Vishnu resides and Vishnu's heart is the abode of Shiva.

In Caitanya Caritamrita, Mahaprabhu's eternal Associate Sri Advaitacarya is said to be Lord Sadasiva, who always says,

"I am the servant of Lord Krishna."

Intoxicated by ecstatic Love for Krishna, He becomes overwhelmed and incessantly dances without clothing and sings about Lord Krishna's qualities and pastimes.

" nimnagAnAM yathA gaMgA devAnAm acyuto yathA

vaiSNavAnAM yathA zambhuH purANAnAm idaM tathA

kSetrANAM caiva sarveSAM yathA kAzI hyonuttamA

tathA purANa vratAnAM zrI mad bhAgavataM dvijAH "

(Srimad Bhagavatam 12.13.17)

user posted image

Just as the celestial Ganges is the most Holy among all the flowing rivers,

just as Lord Krishna is the Supreme among all Divine Personalties,

just as Lord Siva is the most Exalted Lover of Vishnu,

just as the City of Kasi is the most Sacred among all Holy places,

Srimad Bhagavatam is also the most fulfilling vow as well as the most elevated Scripture among all other auspicious Puranas.

Prayers to Lord Shiva-

"jagadguro namastubhyaM

zivAya zivadAya ca

yogIndrANAm ca yogIndra

gurUNAM gurave namaH"

"Salutations unto Thee, O Teacher of the universe.

Thou art the Lord auspicious and the giver of bliss,

the foremost of the perfect Yogis, the Teacher of teachers. Salutations unto Thee."

(BVP 4.30.43)

user posted image

Another prayer for Shivaji says-

"haste 'kSa mAlA hRdi kRSNa tattvaM
jihvAgra bhAge vara rAma mantraM

yan mastake kezava pAda tirthaM

zivaM 'mahA bhAgavatAM' namAmi"


I salute to the Supreme Devotee, (Maha Bhagavata)

in Whose hand is the a-ksha (A to Z) japamaala,

in Whose heart is the reservoir of Divine Essence of Lord Krishna,

on Whose tongue is ever residing the Name of His Beloved Rama,

on Whose head is ever flowing Sacred water that washes the Lotus feet of Lord Keshava.

Jai Hari-Hara, Mahaadeva Shambho!

user posted image

brahma murAri surArcita lingam
nirmalabhAsita zobhita lingam
janmaja duHkha vinAzaka lingam
tat praNamAmi sadAziva lingam

I bow before that Sada Shiva Linga, which is adored by Brahma, Vishnu and other Gods, which is praised by pure and holy speeches and which destroys the cycle of births and deaths.

Jaya Sri Radhey !

user posted image

Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:12:25 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey!

Here is a 'pada' from 'Sri Krishna Bala Lila Madhuri' of 'Prema Rasa Madira' by Sri Kripaluji Maharaj.

user posted image

Since devotees are celebrating 'Maha Shiva Ratri', I have selected this lila of Lord Krishna with Bhagavan Shankar.

"dwaar ek jogi 'alakh' pukaar,

chandra bhaala, gala munDa maala-bhala, sashi ganga jala dhaar,

ripu ananga, prati anga bhujangani, ranga shubhra balihaar,

naam shambhu, aru Thaamva bataavata, giri kailaas mamjhaar,

ghar te nikri, mahari yashumati ati, poochati kari satkaar,

"sunahu amangala-bhesha! bhaye mama, mangala maya sukumaar,

yaa te jo chaahahu so maangahu, manina motiyana thaar",

jogi kaha, "maiyaa! mai jogi, mohim na chaahiya samsaar,

ihai bheekh de maaya! kripa kari, lakhaum laala ek baar",

maiyaa kaha, "mama laala Daraigo, jogi! tohim nihaar",

"sunu maiyaa! yaha laala tihaari saguna-brahma-avataar",

"tuma to jogi! 'alakh, alakh' kaha, puni kimi 'lakha' karataar",

"maiyaa 'alakha' na kahyau, kahyau haum, 'aa lakha nandakumaar',"

lyaayim laala, yashumati bhori, hari-hara-driga bhaye chaar,

lakhi 'kripaalu' yehi madhura-milan kaham, koTi praana davum vaar!"

Lord Krishna's holy birth is being celebrated in Gokula Vrindavan with great joy and grandeur. Mother Yashoda is overwhelmed by ecstatic maternal love for her darling child.

A gopi maiden brings the news that there is a strange looking 'Yogi' called 'Shambu' waiting at the entrance door of their courtyard, loudly chanting with delight, "alakha!", "alakha!"-  meaning 'O Formless Absolute Brahman! O God imperceptible to eyes!)

The messenger gopi gives some more details of this supreme Yogi to Mother Yashoda.

"The Yogi is brilliant white in color, with crescent moon decorating his forehead, matted locks of his hair drenched in Ganga waters, his neck adorned with a garland of skulls and his limbs are embraced by poisonous snakes. His abode is Mount Kailas and he is the enemy of Cupid, god of beauty and mundane love."

Mother Yashoda is very happy to receive the unique Yogi Maharaj and serves him with great respect and hospitality. She tells him to ask for whatever treasure he would like to have as alms, and insists him to take as much gold, precious diamonds and pearls as he chooses because of the auspicious occasion of her child's birthday festivities.

But Shankar Bhagavan being totally detached from the material world replies that he is a renounced mendicant and worldly riches and gifts are of neither use nor value to him. He simply begs for the alms of the blessed vision of her precious divine child, Sri Krishna.

But mother Yashoda becomes very disturbed with this request and  worried about the consequences.

She says to Lord Shiva that her infant son, Krishna is at very tender age and delicate. Fearing that He would be scared to death to see the inauspicious, terrible form of Yogi Maharaj as described above, she tries to avoid showing her darling baby boy.

But Lord Shiva, understanding her hesitation, assures that her new born child is no ordinary son but the incarnation of Supreme Personality of God Himself and full of transcendental attributes!

Ofcourse naive Yashoda who is blinded by divine love does not believe Lord Shiva and more over she doubts his very own words.

The reluctant mother  cleverly reminds Shivaji, "Yogiraj Shambhu Shankar! Until now You have been meditating upon the impe

rsonal Brahman and chanting the sacred syllables 'alakh!' 'alakh!' - O Formless Absolute Brahman! O God imperceptible to eyes!)

How is that you have realized that my cute, little baby is the Divine incarnation of Bhagavan? Please do not try to confuse me with your words."

Then wise Shankar ji tricks mother Yashoda saying that he has been proclaiming loudly the word "aa lakh!" "aa lakh!" and not "alakh!"

("Aa lakh" means "come on, have a look!")

He adds that since the formless absolute Brahman has descended on earth appearing in the Supreme Personal form of Lord Krishna to perform blissful lilas of Divine Love with His intimate devotees, he has been shouting all along inviting everyone to "COME and HAVE A LOOK at the Personified Brahman!"

After listening to the high praises of her son by Yogi Raj and believing in the good fortune of her precious child, innocent mother Yashoda humbly brings Baby Krishna and shows Him to Lord Shiva.

Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva fondly look at each other with profound familiarity of Their eternal relationship, both of Them being lost in the Divine rapture of rendezvous!

In the concluding verse, the Rasik saint-poet exclaims- "I would sacrifice thousands of my lives just to have one glimpse of the overwhelming spiritual ecstasy of my Lordships, "Hari and Hara" absorbed in Their Divine Union!"

user posted image

Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Wed, 13 Mar 2002 02:49:11 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Om Namah Shivayah! Maha Shiva Ratri Greetings to All!

An episode from Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu's Pastimes:

"Lord Caitanya soon arrived in 'Jalesvara' village.

He went directly to the TEMPLE OF SIVA, the main Deity in that village.

The Siva-Linga Deity was well looked after by local brahmana priest.

The floral decorations in the temple and on the diety were attractive and the smell of incense permeated the air giving the place an exhilarating devotional mood.

Devotees in the temple were singing, playing musical instruments, and dancing. The Lord's anger (for Lord Nityananda breaking His sanyasi danda) subcided in that joyful atmosphere.

He let the loving devotional feelings in His heart gradually flow and merge in with the music.

Enlivened by His Dear Devotee's, (Lord Siva's) opulence and influence in the temple, Lord Caitanya began to dance happily.

user posted image

user posted image

Lord Caitanya KNOWS the Lord Siva's glorious character, for He is the FAVORITE among His devotees.



As the Lord danced, He made joyful sounds so loud that the very mountains seemed to tremble.

Lord Shiva's devotees were struck with amazement and thought that

The musicians and singers reached a crescendo and the Lord became fully absorbed in dancing, losing all contact with the outside world.

Meanwhile, His devotees arrived. Mukunda began to sing, joined by others. Seeing His beloved associates, the Lord experienced great joy and DANCED more vigorously while the devotees danced circling Him.

The whole scene was dynamically TRANSFORMED.

Tears flowed out effusively in a hundred streams from Lord's eyes. Who can describe all the happenings properly?



(An excerpt from 'Caitanya Bhagavata', Antya-Lila chapter 2, page 453, by B.V.Puri Goswami)

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Thu, 11 Apr 2002 22:07:58 +0530

user posted image

user posted image

anArAdhya rAdhA padAMbhoja reNuM

anAzritya vRndAvanaM tat padAGkam

asaMbhASya tad bhAva gaMbhIra cintAn

kutaH zyAma sindhoH rasy AvagAhaH

Without worshipping the dust-particle of  Radha's lotus feet,

without taking the shelter of the sacred land of Vrindavan
where Her blessed footprints can be traced,

without delightfully learning the depths of
Her Divine ecstasies from Her Rasik Saints,

how is one supposed to understand or realize
the Ocean of Nectar of Divine Love?

Jaya Sri Radhey!

Her's - Fri, 12 Apr 2002 01:42:26 +0530
This page took almost 15 minutes to load with images! I have a 56K modem, but it works much slower. My Opera browser has an easy option to select images on or off, so usually I keep them turned off. Unfortunately, this forum (unlike or, for instance) requires images to be on for me to select `add reply` for any of the topics. Also, to see the latest post I must load the entire page. That means all the pictures just to see the latest.

Since I'm neither very computer literate or at all friendly with this mysterious technological beast, I see no immediate solutions that don't involve much more money and personal training. I only use this 266mz 96ram laptop to access a few devotee forums, so that is not an option, especially on my extremely limited government disability income. I'm not expecting my situation to change or these forums to somehow adapt, but simply sharing this info with `whom it may concern`. This is certainly a lovely forum and I am definitely most grateful to be participating here with all of you, in any way.

Thank you!
anuraag - Mon, 15 Apr 2002 09:14:21 +0530

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Radha's Name is the greatest Treasure.

Syama plays that Name on His Flute,

Remembering Her constantly.

She is the thread in every fabric,

Each Yantra and Mantra, each Veda and Tantra.

Sukadeva knew this secret of secret,

but decided it best stay unrevealed;

Krishna takes numberless Forms to pursue It:

still Its depths elude Him.

But I, Vyasadasa, now shout It out openly,

throwing all caution to the winds.

Jaya Sri Radhey!

Raga - Wed, 17 Apr 2002 00:12:52 +0530
I'll close this topic now, since there are dozens of pictures here. Please continue to contribute in Pictures here # 2 please.