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Insincere devotional service - Insincere devotional service

gauranga - Fri, 24 Jan 2003 00:41:06 +0530
Insincere devotional service

Simply telling the world, "I am Lord Caitanya's servant", will not suffice. Real success in devotional life, comes when one take to heart the life and teachings of Lord Caitanya. Making an external show of worshipping Lord Caitanya, by keeping the appearance of a devotee, wearing tilaka, tulasi mala, etc. but secretly committing sins, then Lord Gauranga will certainly discover such cheating and deception.

You will become very degraded and despised by everyone if you try to act in this way. All of your devotional practices will be ruined by committing offenses against the holy name. Such a capricious mentality will hurl you to the depths of depravity and you will be shunned by all. You will be forced to commit offenses against the holy name, which will gradually destroy the creeper of devotion. What is more crippling to devotional life than the committing of sins while chanting the holy name?

No hardship is involved in chanting the holy name. It is an easily attainable, priceless spiritual gem. Simply by moving the lips and tongue and loudly pronouncing the Lord's name, one can chant the holy name. And if that involves too much physical effort, then certainly it is easy to remember the holy name. Even if a person is dumb or suffering from mental aberrations, he can at least hear the holy name of the Lord, and that hearing will destroy all the sinful reactions within his heart and give him the highest goal in spiritual life.

As a result of worshipping the temple Deity with proper devotion for many, many births, the holy name of Krsna appears and dances constantly on one's tongue. The paths of fruitive activity, speculative knowledge or mystic yoga are incapable of offering the same spiritual success, because according to the scriptures, a little fault in the execution of these processes will render everything null and void.

So give up endeavouring in these other processes. Take complete shelter of the holy name, for it is the essence of all religious practices, and very soon you can easily cross over the ocean of birth and death.

About Srila Kavi-Karnapura

All glories to Kavi-Karnapura! He is a greatly blessed soul. Both of us hail from the same village. He has revealed in his writings some of the marvellous qualities of the holy name. One who is the recipient of Lord Gauranga's mercy is certainly the most fortunate soul in the entire universe. Kavi-Karnapura, having received the Lord's mercy at the tender age of seven, became respected by all as a great poet.

All glory to Sri Sivananda Sena, the father of Sri Kavi-Karnapura. In my early years he taught me Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. He took me to Nadia and placed me at the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga. Srila Sivananda Sena has always been my saviour and mentor in times of happiness and distress.

In his house he taught me cooking, allowing me to prepare the Deity's offering, and because he taught me well, I could cook for my Lord, Sri Gauranga, and satisfy Him with my service.

My humble submission to all is that only he who stays in the company of saintly Vaisnavas can constantly chant the holy name of the Lord.
Madhava - Fri, 24 Jan 2003 02:56:31 +0530
Are the two passages from Prema Vivarta above related to each other?

It is a good practice to conclude a citation by expressing in your own words the point being made, just to help the discussion get going. Now we are all perplexed as to what was the exact point you wanted to make.