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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Ujjvala Kusuma Keli - Sweet talks between Krishna and Gopis

Malatilata - Fri, 20 Dec 2002 02:12:00 +0530

Sri Sri Radha-Krishna Ujjvala Kusuma Keli
By Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

Once, Sri Radhika and Her girlfriends entered the forest maintained by Vrinda, named Vrindavana, and blissfully began to pick their favorite flowers, leaves, buds and fruits there. As soon as Giridhari heard them, He went up to them and began to pick the following rasika quarrel with them:

"O you thieves! What are you doing there so secretly? You are intoxicated by pride, and now you are destroying My precious garden! In return I will plunder Your vine-like bodies for the vines you plundered, I will take away your fruit-like breasts for the fruits you have stolen, and I will plunder your sprout-like lips in return for all the buds that you have picked!"

Hearing Krishna's words, Lalita looked at Him with frowned eyebrows. The different other gopis smiled slightly and told Him:

"O You rascal! We are speaking truthfully, and for Your benefit! Give up Your false proud words and quickly return to Your father's abode Nandisvara! Don't You know the great power of harsh Lalita, who has destroyed Your masculine fame time and again in this forest?"

When He heard Visakha's words, Sri Krishna, feigning pride, again spoke:

"Aho! Are you so bold and shameless towards me, whereas you are My disciples? Hearing your words even this vine-pavillion becomes angry, for how many times has a great abode of attributes like Me not acted as your guru by giving you initiation in the Jain-religion in this vine pavillion?"

All the gopis became angry and ashamed when they heard these words of Krishna. Visakha, desiring to defeat Krishna, then changed the subject and spoke the following reasonable words:

"The person who spent money and employed many workers on its construction is the owner of a garden, but Vrindavana was never made by anyone, therefore everyone has equal rights here; why do You claim it all for Yourself then?"

Hearing there words of Visakha, Krishna spoke again with feigned pride:

"In Vaikuntha, in heaven, on earth and in hell the Vedas proclaim that this forest is Mine and mention it in the connection with My name, too! Have you never heard that? It is clear to Me that three faults have made you deaf: inebriation, pride and youthful beauty!"

Hearing Krishna's wors, Radhika looked in a crooked way and smiled slightly while saying:

"Ohe Svamin! If a thing belongs to the person it is named after, then, O cheater, this Vrindavana-forest belongs to our sakhi Vrinda, after whom it it named! All the people in the three worlds, and even You Yourself call this place Vrindavana, but no one ever calls this place after You!"

Sri Krishna became inebriated by drinking these nectarean words of Sri Radhika and said with a slight smile:

"This Vrinda, who is sweeter than all the goddesses of fortune, is My wife! If you don't believe that, then you can ask that chaste girl to take an oath on it! In the Vedas it is said that there is no difference between husband and wife, therefore this forest is called after both of us in the three worlds."

to be continued...
Malatilata - Tue, 24 Dec 2002 00:28:03 +0530

After hearing Krishna's nectarean words, Radha whispered to Vrinda:

"Vrinde, is this true or not, tell us! Alas! Why are you ashamed to speak the truth before your dear friends? If this is true, then just go somewhere else, pretending to be angry; then we will somehow be able to defeat this teacher of cheaters in argument!"

When Sri Radha smilingly whispered this to Vrinda, doe-eyed Vrinda pretended to be angry and looked at her girlfriends with red and crooked glances, speaking the following words to arrogant Govinda in the gopi-assembly:

"Ohe Padmasanda (cowherder of Candravali's girlfriend Padma)! O clown of Vraja! If You quickly want to become the ruler of a lovely forest, then go to Sakhistali (Candravali's village) and worship goddess Sasthi there. When She is pleased with You, She will make You the ruler of the jujube-forest!"

After this Vrinda blissfully began to praise Sri Gandharva's (Radha's) beauty, establishing Her sovereignty over Vrindavana and rebuking Krishna by saying:

"Vrindavana's lotus flowers are mere reflections or shadows of Radha's face, Her eyes are more beautiful than restless blue lotus flowers and deer, Her raised nose is more lovely than the beak of a young parrot and the beauty of Her reddish lips rebuke even the beauty of blooming Bandhuka-flowers."

to be continued...
Madanmohan das - Mon, 21 Feb 2005 01:50:33 +0530
When? blink.gif and don't you prefer prominent nose rather than raised nose?