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Incarnation of this, Incarnation of that... -

any visitor - Mon, 09 Dec 2002 04:57:29 +0530
What exactly does it mean that someone is an incarnation of someone.  For example, Rupa Goswami is an incarnation of ABC Manjari, etc...Of course ABC Manjari is always in the spirtual world.  But how does Rupa Goswami's soul descend to this world?  Where does his soul come from?  Where does Chaitanya's soul exactly come from (Krishna).
Madhava - Mon, 09 Dec 2002 05:53:55 +0530
The descent of the Lord and His associates takes place under the auspices of the svarupa-shakti. Just as Vishnu does not leave the heart of all living entities when He incarnates in various forms in this world, so it is with Sri Caitanya and His associates. They are simultaneously present in this world and in the nitya-lila. The manifestation takes place through the faculty of yogamaya. As for the question on where their souls come from, there is no difference between the soul and the transcendent self.