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Different lvls. of Bhagavan sequentially... - Krishna, Balaram, Ram, Chaitanya, etc...

any visitor - Mon, 09 Dec 2002 03:22:31 +0530
I was wondering if someone could add or revise this short list of the different lvls. of Bhagavan from highest to lower.  For example, I think the list would start off like this.

1.  Krishna
2.  Balaram
3.  Ram
4.  Chaitanya
5. ?
any visitor - Mon, 09 Dec 2002 03:27:27 +0530
5.  Nityananda

Preferablly this should be based off scripture however answers based off of spiritual intuition are fine.
Madhava - Mon, 09 Dec 2002 03:40:42 +0530
I wrote in a synopsis at in the Theology-section about Bhagavan and His sequential expansions from Svayam-rupa to Purusa-avataras and the avataras manifest through them into this world. It is based on Caitanya's instructions to Sanatana and Rupa Goswami's Laghu Bhagavatamritam.

There is also a diagram you will certainly find helpful in examining the hierarchy: . Though in the diagram above all the forms of Bhagavan concerned with this world are placed under the category of Svamsa, the others are manifest from the group of Purusa-avataras, more specifically from Ksirodakasayi-Vishnu.

As far as Caitanya and Nityananda are concerned, they are nondifferent from Krishna and Balaram respectively, so they are to be understood parallel to them.