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Un-installed Deities - Can they be displayed?

RadheShyam - Sat, 16 Feb 2002 18:26:29 +0530
Jaya Sri Sri RadheShyam!

My husband and I are both un-initiated and have un-installed Sri Sri Gaura Nitai deities (which we have kept away). Would it be innapropriate or harmful to display them like that of a picture (since they are un-installed)?

I am very thankful for any correspondence on this matter.
Jaya RadhikaMadhava!
Raga - Sun, 17 Feb 2002 01:35:34 +0530
Jay Radhe!

Though we are certainly no authorities in this regard, we do have Nitai Gaura and we are serving them.

Our history -- first we were initiated, then we became unititiated, then we became re-initiated, and then we became re-uninitiated...
We don't have the heart for keeping Them in a box, we are unable to consider whether They or we are uninstalled or not. We don't do any opulent worship here, but somehow They just became a part of the family over the years, we feed Them and change Their clothes, like this. I hope no orthodox brahmana reads our postings... We're probably on our way to hell or something...
We certainly feel They are a positive input here, otherwise it would be real lonely with just the two of us here in our flat. Of course we have two paramatmas here and lots of spirit souls everywhere in the plants and so (and lots more paramatmas in all directions), but no special inclination for loving exchanges with them really... Supersoul is nice, but we don't feel like cooking for Him every day. He'll manage on His own I think.

Here's a picture of them! Nitai on the left side and Gaura on the right.

I guess there's no harm if you keep them nicely there and treat them with love and respect. Comments, anyone?

Atul & Krishna Manmohini