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Apologies - for the delays

Madhava - Mon, 21 Oct 2002 03:35:04 +0530
Jai Gour! Jai Sri Radhe!

My apologies for failing to post nectar about the events of the calendar in a timely manner, and also for a general failure to promptly communicate with many of you. I am currently suffering of a terrific shortage of time, as I've had to take on some extra work to ensure our four-month journey to Vraja in the beginning of 2003.

At any rate, Krishnadas's bio is coming in tomorrow, as well as some nectar on the Rasa Dance (tonight is the Saradiya Rasa Yatra!), and also something on Murari Gupta probably the day after. And all of the projects I am working on with you (Madrasibaba website, Grantha Mandira etc.) are certainly on my list of things to do. Also two more lectures and some kirtan are coming up in a couple of days.

I still love you all and I have not forgotten you and nobody has said anything to make me upset, everything is all right etc. [It is awful when I receive a letter, "I'm sorry if I have offended you, perhaps this is the reason why you're not writing to me..."] I am just rather busy at the moment, busier than ever because a seven hour slice has been stolen from my day. Fortunately I can utilize most of the time in a meaningful way, thanks to my walkman. I am consuming Baba's lectures three to four hours per day, so no complaints there. Perhaps I will then learn some more Bengali and one day get my hands on some translation work.

Hari Hari.