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sAdhAraNa-rate harau -

Jagat - Thu, 12 Jan 2006 05:38:52 +0530
viharati vane rAdhA sAdhAraNa-praNaye harau
vigalita-nijotkarSAd IrSyA-vazena gatA'nyataH |
kvacid api latA-kuJje guJjan-madhu-vrata-maNDalI
mukhara-zikhare lInA dInApy uvAca rahaH sakhIm ||

When Radha saw Hari frolicking in the forest,
treating all the women with equal affection,
she felt her own special status had melted away.
Envy and anger arose in her, and she went off.
Somewhere, in a vine covered bower,
where bees buzzed in circles overhead,
she hid, and forlorn in her solitude, spoke to her friend.

Gita Govinda 2.1
Jagat - Thu, 12 Jan 2006 21:48:16 +0530
kaMsArir api saMsAra-vAsanA-baddha-zRGkhalAm
rAdhAm AdAya hRdaye tatyAja vraja-sundarIH

Krishna, the enemy of Kamsa, took Radha,
the chain that tied his desires to the world,
and abandoned all the other gopis.

itas tatas tAm anusRtya rAdhikAm
anaGga-bANa-vraNa-khinna-mAnasaH |
kRtAnutApaH sa kalinda-nandinI-
taTAnta-kuJje viSasAda mAdhavaH ||2||

Madhava looked for Radhika everywhere,
his mind burning with the wounds inflicted by love.
Overcome with remorse, he came to a bower
by the banks of the Yamuna
and began to lament.


And so begins the eternal cycle.
What is the difference between the Bhagavata Rasa and the Gita Govinda Rasa?

The first is primarily about God and the jiva,
the second is about God and his hladini shakti.
The first is an archetype of the spiritual path,
the latter of the divine comedy.

Both are circle dances, revolving in opposite directions.
The Bhagavata is the external circle,
Gita Govinda the inner.
Krishna is in the center of the outer,
Radha the center of the inner.

Together they are the center of both.