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Radharaman Das - 1956-2005

Advaitadas - Sat, 24 Dec 2005 19:24:18 +0530
Radharaman Das (1956-2005)

Thursday night our revered member, my old friend Radharaman Das (Robert Ealy) passed away, after suffering from cancer for a few years, in a London hospice. Our mutual friend Madanmohan Das spent the last two days of his life with him, reading Harikatha to him.
I got in contact with him 10 years ago when he wrote me letters inquiring about raganuga bhajana. Two years later he took diksa from Gadadhar Pran das. I met him 'in the flesh' just once, at Sri Radhakunda, in 2001, when we had a really blissful istagosthi. He was a real gentleman. He leaves behind three daughters, who have already lost their mother 4 years earlier. My heartfelt sympathy goes to them and all his friends and relatives.