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Sri Nama Kirtanam - A sloka

Madanmohan das - Sat, 24 Dec 2005 16:08:47 +0530
In Sri Rupa's Padyavali there are a few slokas consisting of Nama kirtan which are also included by Dhyanacandra in his Paddhati for recitation upon awakening. The slokas collected are by many hands; this one is attributed to Sri Gopal Bhatta.

bhANDIreza zikhaNDamaNDana vara zrIkhaNDa liptAnga he
vRdAraNyapurandara sphuradamandendIvara zyAmala/
kAlindIpriya nandanandana parAnandAravindekSaNa
zrIgovinda mukunda sundaratano mAM dInamAnandaya//

O lord of the Bhandira!* O thou adorned with a peacock's plumage!
O the most excellent one whose gracufull limbs are with sandal smeared.
O thou the potentate of the Vrnda forest whose lovely dark complection
resembles the interior of a blooming blue lotus. O Kalindi's fond lover!*
O darling child of Nanda, supreme bliss with lotus-petal eyes.
O Govinda, O Mukunda, thou with the beautiful body.
I am very miserable and wretched; deign to make me joyful.

* Bhandiravana or Bhandiraka. The Banyan grove biggrin.gif
* kAlindipriya Who is very fond of playing in the waters of the Kalindi river. ie. the Yamuna