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Madhyahna samaye rAi - Uddhava das

Madanmohan das - Sun, 04 Dec 2005 15:33:15 +0530
madhyAhna samaye rAi, sUryera maNDapa jAi,
pUjAsajja tAhAi rAkhiyA/
sakhigana kari sange, kRSNa darazana range,
kuNDatIre mililA AsiyA//

duhuM duhAM darazane, nAnAbhAva vibhUSaNe,
bhUSita haiyA zyAma gauri/
sakautuke kundalatA, yajna vidhAnera kathA,
puSpadAne vAMsI gela curi//

hindolA araNyalIlA, tabe madhupAna kailA,
rati yudha kari jalakhelA/
bhojana zayan kari, pAzakrIDA zukazArI
pATha zuni sUryAlaye gelA//

kRSNa brahmacArI haiyA, sUryera maNDape giyA,
karAila sUryera pUjane/
baTuke kariyA sange, kateka kautuka range,
e dAsa uddhava rasa bhaNe//

This pada by Uddhava das is similar to Yadunandan's payara of the dasa sloki mula presenting the argument for the midday sports, although some variation is observed.
Here's a rough translation.

Madanmohan das - Sun, 04 Dec 2005 16:03:58 +0530
During the midday period, Rai proceeds to the Sun-god's fane,
and leaving there the articles of worship, betakes herself and
her chaperons, eager to enjoy a sight of Krsna,
to banks of her kunda, where the lovers meet.

When Syam and Gauri each other thus behold,
there frames are thrilled and adorned with a
myriad of embelishments of emotion. Then,
with the most amusing curiosity, Kundalata tells
how and with what articles the sacrifice be done;
then there's giving of flowers and pilfering of the flute.

Anon they sport upon a swing, play in the forest,
and drink excess of honey-wine. Then takes place
an amorous skirmish, after which is sporting in the water.
Then having had a forest pic-nic, they enjoy a fine siesta;
play a game of dice and listen to the poetic recital
of the male and female parrots, whereafter they repair
to the Sun-god's temple.

Krsna, in the guise of a celebate priest, also arrives at the
Sun-god's shrine and has all the rites of Sun-worship done.
What playfull pranks he with Batu plays! the humours of which
this servant Uddhava das makes the subject of his verse.