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Parting Words from the Peanut Gallery - Kshamabuddhi Departs This Forum

Kshamabuddhi - Thu, 01 Dec 2005 04:50:08 +0530
If the moderators will allow, I would like to make a parting statement and vent a little.
Recently, most all my posts get deleted by the moderators. Even though they are not rude, offensive or outragious none of my recent posts are being allowed to post on the forum. Since coming back to this forum a few months ago I have been a moderated member which means that all of my posts get previewed by a moderator for approval before they are posted.
I have noticed that in the last few days that one of the moderators is posting some of my posts and topics and that it seems like another moderator is coming behind to censor me and delete my posts. It appears that there is some difference of opinion in the moderator group about the matter of allowing me to participate in this forum.
Even posts that I work hard on and quote important verses from scripture to support a thought are getting censored.

At any rate I don't feel welcome at this forum anymore, so I am making my formal statement about why I will not be reading or participating in this forum anymore. I will delete the link from my favorites folder and refrain from reading this forum anymore. It is just an aggravation to read topics and not be able to participate, so I would rather just refrain from having anything to do with this forum.

I have to admit that about the only thing or should I say person that kept me fascinated by this forum has been Madhava. I don't read of participate on any other forum but this one. Now however, I will probably find another forum to participate on for a while. In a few weeks my wife will be coming over to join me from the Philippines and I don't foresee myself participating on any forum after that.

I don't find Madhava particularly charismatic or dynamic, but I do have some fascination with his scriptural knowledge. From the very beginning I have been intrigued by Madhava. He is talented and intelligent.
One of the most bizarre and curious things that happened to me on this forum was that some time back Madhava was playing around with the idea of my swarupa and he took "Ksama" and extrapolated "Kusuma"(as in Kusuma Manjari). What was so bizarre about that to me was that just a few days before that I was contemplating what my siddha-deha identity might be and somewhere inside my mind or heart a voice suggested "Kusuma Manjari". I was very emotional about all that at the time it occured. I might just hang on to that thought.

Nonetheless, I feel like I am being shunned and rejected on this forum so now I will say my good-bye.

Good-bye to all. Please pardon my offenses.
Best wishes and good-luck!