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Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati's Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi - The Nectar Moon of Sri Radha's Sweetness

Maha Bhava - Sat, 26 Nov 2005 03:02:06 +0530
Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati's

Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi

(The Nectar Moon of Sri Radha's Sweetness)

1 Standing erect, the hairs of His body rebuke the blossoming campaka flowers. Raising His arms, again and again He calls out, "Hari! Hari!" Surrounded by His devotees, again and again He sings and dances. Streams of tears flow from His eyes and sprinkle the ground. Let us glorify Him, Lord Gauracandra.

2 Obeisances to the direction that faces Sri Vrsabhanu's daughter. When the breeze coming from that direction playfully moves the edge of His garment, Lord Krsna, who cannot be attained by even the kings of the yogis, thinks that His life has now become a great success.

3 Obeisances to the glory of Sri Vrsabhanu's daughter. Even Brahma, Siva and all the demigods cannot attain the pollen of Her lotus feet. Her merciful glance showers the best of all nectars.

4 I meditate on the dust of Sri Radha's feet, dust that even Brahma, Siva, Sukadeva, Narada, Bhisma and a host of great saints cannot see, dust that has limitless power, dust that at once transforms the Supreme Personality of Godhead into Sri Radha's submissive servant.

5 I meditate on the dust of Sri Radha's feet, dust that becomes a kamadhenu cow to give the nectar of rasa as the devotees celebrate a festival of spiritual love. Placing this dust on their heads, the beautiful gopis attain something even peacock-feather-crowned Krsna yearns to attain.

6 Glory to the forest-goddess. When, wounded by millions of Kamadeva's arrows, Nanda's son fell, She brought Him to life by splashing Him with many waves of the blissful nectar of Her touch.

7 When will the sweet and graceful nectar ocean that is Radha's face, an ocean filled at every moment with waves of sweetness, charm, beauty, and wonderfully beautiful pastimes, appear before us?

8 When will I become a sweeper in the forest courtyard where, surrounded by many maidservants, the peacock-feather-crowned Supreme Personality of Godhead speaks His appeal to the nectar ocean that is Sri Radha?

9 O my heart, please turn from great things of this world and run to Vrndavana, where the great treasure, the nectar flood that delivers the devotees from this world, is Sri Radha's name.

10 O Sri Radha, O great treasure of bliss, when, as the best of lovers falls at Your feet and begs for the nectar festival of a single embrace, will I see You knit Your eyebrows and hear You say “No! No!”

11 May Sri Radha, who is the personified nectar ocean of perfect spiritual love, and the splendour of whose candrakanta-jewel toenails glistens amongst the gopis, be merciful to me.

12 When will Vrndavana's queen Radha, Her eyes restless with love and Her limbs like waves in the flooding ocean of nectar, place Her merciful glance upon me?

13 O queen of Vrndavana, I take shelter of your lotus feet, which are flooded with nectar, which are cool and pleasing, and which, placed over Lord Krsna's heart, extinguish the blazing fire of desire that torments Him.

14 I pray that my heart may find its happiness in Radha's pastime forest, where the vines bear flowers picked by Radha's own hands, where many charming places bear Radha's footprints, and where the birds passionately sing of Radha's glories.

15 I will say, "You should go there and bathe in the dark nectar." Smiling, Radha will joke, "O friend, wait until night. Then the dark nectar will come here." When will I pick this glorious flower on the kadamba tree of Radha's sweet pastimes?

16 Will I see graceful Radha, first shyly gazing at her own toes, then from afar gazing at the full-moon face of the king of rasikas, and then Her anklets tinkling as She runs to meet Him?

17 O Radha, when, after You have spent the entire night enjoying pastimes with the best of charming lovers, and after You have bathed and eaten breakfast with Krsna, will You finally fall asleep, the soles of Your feet gently stroked by my hand?

18 May Sri Radha, who is an ocean of intelligence, a nectar ocean of love, an ocean of kind affection, an ocean of great mercy, an ocean of beauty, an ocean of nectar splendour, and an ocean of transcendental pastimes, appear in my heart.

19 May King Vrsabhanu's daughter, who becomes startled when She hears the music of Krsna's flute, and whose limbs become like a wonderful blossoming campaka vine when She gazes at Krsna, become pleased with my singing songs about Krsna's glories. May She suddenly embrace me.

20 O Sri Radha, whose hips are the dancing arena of amorous pastimes, with the cooing swan of Your belt, the buzzing bees of Your anklets, and the nectar splendour of Your beauty, please bring coolness to Your lover, Krsna.

21 O Sri Radha, O celestial Ganges, O ocean garlanded with waves of splendid pastimes, O girl with the glistening lotus face, O river passionately running to meet the dark ocean of Lord Krsna, O goddess whose whirlpool navel is so graceful, please appear before me.

22 O Sri Radha, when will I place on my head Your lotus feet, which are a flood of the nectar of spiritual love, a flood that always flows among Your devotees, and are the treasure more dear than life for Lord Krsna?

23 O Radha, when, carrying splendid sandal paste, scents and flower garlands, walking slowly like a graceful elephant, and showing You which path to take, will I follow behind as, eager to enjoy amorous pastimes, You hurry to the forest rendezvous.

24 O Sri Radha, when, as I massage Your nectar limbs, which are Kamadeva's life, will I suddenly see the king of youthful lovers sitting high on a kadamba tree, His eyes plunged in the sight of You?

25 O Sri Radha, when will I gaze on Your beautiful face, which is a blossoming lotus in the lake of pure love, a lotus decorated with the black bees of Your curling locks of hair, a face that is a moon bringing great tidal waves to the nectar ocean of bliss?

26 My thoughts rest in something that bears the name Radha, something that is the essence of beauty, the essence of nectar, the essence of happiness, the essence of mercy, the essence of charming and splendid forms, the essence of expert intelligence, the essence of playful amorous pastimes, and the essence of the best of everything.

27 She is the cintamani jewel of the surrendered devotees, the crest jewel of the girls of Vraja, the jewel of King Vrsabhanu's family, the jewel that pacifies Lord Krsna's desires, the jewel that decorates the forest groves, the splendid jewel we keep in the jewellery chest of our hearts.

28 O saintly heart, please at once take shelter of the something that bears the name Radha, something that is gentle by nature, a forest of kalpa-lata vines, a wonderful flood of nectar mercy, and a fathomless and shoreless nectar ocean of love.

29 He is fortunate who meditates on Sri Radha as She talks with Her lover, Her ornaments pearls and red sindura, Her red lips glorious flower blossoms, and Her teeth jasmine flowers.

30 In my heart I place Sri Radha, who is splendid with the colours of yellow and red, who is glorious like limitless lightning vines, whose beautiful form is overcome with passionate love, and whom the king and queen of Vraja love as much as they love Krsna.

31 O Sri Radha, O goddess of the newly-blossoming groves of Vrndavana forest, when, engaged in making a crown of peacock feathers and a necklace of gunja, will I be Your maidservant?

32 O Sri Radha, please place Your glance of mercy upon me. I yearn to decorate the forest-grove rendezvous with many flowers, arrange for Your meeting with the dark moon of Vraja, and thus attain Your mercy.

33 Turning far away from my kinsmen and from millions of worldly opulences, and not desiring to do anything to attain anything material, I meditate on the dust of Sri Radha's feet, dust that brings a monsoon of wonderful happiness.

34 O my heart, please meditate on the two golden waterpot breasts of King Vrsabhanu's daughter, breasts that are a jewellery chest holding a treasure that is everything to a youth who is like a splendid moon shining in Gokula, a youth whose form, more handsome than millions of Kamadevas, is now manifested in Vrndavana forest.

35 What is this that I meditate on? Is it two lotus flowers growing in the nectar lake of Sri Radha's passionate love? Or is it two moons manifested from Sri Radha's face? Or is it Sri Radha's youthful breasts? Or is it two monsoon clouds of Sri Radha's nectar bliss.

36 O Sri Radha, I offer my respectful obeisances to Your youthful breasts, which enchant the person who enchants all the worlds, and which are like two golden lotus buds growing in the lake of Your pastimes, or two fruits growing on the nectar kalpa-vrksa tree of Your bliss.

37 O Sri Radha, please place Your glance of mercy upon me. I yearn to decorate Your cheeks and breasts with many colourful pictures, Your wonderful braids with new jasmine flowers, and Your limbs with many ornaments.

38 When will restless-eyed Sri Radha, who during the daytime again and again sighs "O dark one", "O most handsome", "O charming one", "O You who are more graceful and handsome than millions of Kamadevas", "O best of lovers", be pleased with me?

39 O Sri Radha, when will I sweetly serve You, who with the arrow of Your sidelong glance deeply wound Vraja's prince, making His peacock feather fall from His turban, the flute fall from His hand, and His yellow garments become disarrayed?

40 I pray that birth after birth I may serve King Vrsabhanu's daughter, whose form is a shoreless ocean of nectar pastimes, whose wonderful gracefulness is the root of transcendental bliss, and who cannot be attained by Brahma and all the demigods.

41 I wish to become a maidservant in King Vrsabhanu's palace, where a splendid lightning vine that enjoys loving pastimes with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, a vine that has a form filled with the nectar of perfect love, appeared in this world.

42 I meditate on the moon of Sri Radha's face, a moon splendid with pastimes of love, a moon that with its flood of nectar moonlight satisfies the cakora birds of Lord Krsna's eyes.

43 Someday, in the forest grove where They have now met, with great determination I will grasp inexperienced, shy, frightened Sri Radha's lotus hands and lead Her to the bed of the king of lovers, a bed carefully made of soft flower petals.

44 As You passionately rush to meet dark Krsna, I will carry a fragrant garland and a box of betel nuts, camphor, and cloves. O Sri Radha, please kindly accept me as Your maidservant.

45 O Sri Radha, all glory to Your youthfulness, which is filled with many nectar virtues, which carefully sustains Your graceful hips and Your beautiful youthful breasts, graceful like two flower buds, and which has stolen the mind of a person who charms all the worlds.

46 O Sri Radha, when will I, eavesdropping, hear every syllable of the shoreless nectar ocean of Your words as, Your body tossed by the waves in the ocean of amorous desires, You playfully talk with the hero of Vraja?

47 Glory to the beautiful jewel of a girl who, deep in the forest, sits on Her beloved's lap and, the limbs of Her body overwhelmed with passion for Her dark lover, talks with Him, sweetly calling Him, "O enchanter."

48 O Sri Radha, when will I, a maidservant standing at the door, suddenly fall into a lake of nectar as I overhear Your words mixed with the tinkling of Your ornaments as You enjoy a nectar festival in a secluded forest grove?

49 May Sri Radha, who, taking the sweet sounding Madhumati vina in Her hand, and then singing many songs describing Her pastimes with the crest jewel of lovers, suddenly bursts into a shower of tears, appear in my heart.

50 My heart has been stolen by an intelligent and charming couple who playfully enjoy a sweet festival of joking and laughter in Vrndavana forest.

51 All glory to the jewel decorating the hair of the Vraja-gopis, a jewel sweet with new youthfulness, a jewel fair like a garland of lightning flashes, a jewel that with dancing sidelong glances floods the world with waves of the nectar of pure love.

52 All glories to the delicate being that bears the name Radha, a being all the Vedas cannot describe, a being who is the sweetest essence of the nectar ocean, a being whose mercy has no limit, a being splendid, sweet, graceful, and beautiful, a being whose passionate love has pushed away the shackles that chained Her heart.

53 Will I become a delicate young gopi, a gopi expert at many services, a gopi who always stays by my mistress' side and who wears a prasadam silk-bodice She affectionately gave to me with Her own hand.

54 O Sri Radha, when, sometimes carefully combing Your hair with my fingernails, sometimes carefully placing a bodice on Your splendid golden-waterpot breasts, and sometimes carefully placing jewel ornaments on Your ankles, will I be Your expert maidservant?
Maha Bhava - Sat, 26 Nov 2005 03:07:45 +0530
55 As I loudly chant the holy names of Lord Hari, worship the divine couple with sweet fragrances and many offerings, and happily reside in Vrndavana, may my thoughts always stay at Sri Radha's soft lotus feet.

56 Even though He tells me, "The queen of My life is merciful to you", and even though again and again He kisses me, embraces me, and maddens me with the nectar of amorous pleasures, and even though He creates in me a wonderful wealth of sweet love, my thoughts still stay, O Sri Radha, in the nectar pastimes of Your feet.

57 When, decorated with many flowers brought by me from Vrndavana forest, will Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, the hairs of Their bodies standing erect as They hear each other's names, celebrate in the forest grove the splendid festival of Their childhood wedding?

58 When, on the Yamuna's shore, will I meet Sri Radha, as, like a passionate female elephant meeting a regal male elephant in the forest, She, wealthy in sweet musical skill, sweetly plays the vina as Krsna plays the fifth raga on His graceful flute?

59 When, fanning Them and massaging Their feet will I, now a gopi, happily serve the king and queen of playful lovers as, Their cheeks wet with perspiration from wonderful enthusiastic dancing, They enjoy a charming and wonderful rasa-lila festival filled with smiles and laughter?

60 When, again and again bathing in the Yamuna's waters muddied with the musk that had anointed Her breasts, then searching for my queen in Vrndavana's charming forest groves, and then calling out, "O Radha, do You not see the path Your playful lover took?" Will I gradually become freed from the dirt that is this wretched material body, and become again pure?

61 O giver of nectar, when will I become Your maidservant? When will You order me to bow down again and again before lotus-dark Krsna, celebrate a nectar festival of touching His feet, and place Your request before Him? When will You order me to carefully clean and arrange the charming forest grove? When will You order me to bring flower garlands, sandal paste, fragrances, pleasant betel nuts and nectar drinks?

62 Ah! A very beautiful girl stays in the groves of Vrndavana forest. With the news of Her nectar beauty She floods the world. Her face is splendid like limitless full moons in autumn. When she gives to someone the happy festival that is service to Her, that festival makes all other goals and means seem very petty and insignificant.

63 When, after pretending to reject Krsna's proposal, and after with repeated glances indicating where They should meet, will Radha instruct me to tell Krsna, "O king of rascals, Radha is very afraid of You. Do not think She will enter that kadamba grove without a companion?"

64 Glory to Radha, who is expert in making Her eyebrows dance, expert in playful sidelong glances, expert in speaking playful words, expert in meeting Her lover, expert in newer and newer pastimes, and expert in enjoying a festival of joking words with Her gopi friends.

65 May the nectar of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna's pastimes appear in our hearts, pastimes where in childhood Krsna becomes both diksa-guru and siksa-guru and teaches Radha the art of playing in the waves of newer and newer pastimes, pastimes where Radha and Krsna enjoy a splendid playful festival of the flooding sweetness of Their just-beginning love, pastimes where Radha and Krsna are agitated by each other's touch.

66 When, staying in a secluded place, will I become fulfilled as I see Sri Radha and Krsna, even though They are only children, suddenly become teenagers, teenagers enjoying playful joking words and many other pastimes in Vraja Village's pathways, teenagers who rob the devotees of their hearts?

67 O Radha, I meditate on Your braids decorated with fragrant jasmine flowers, Your forehead anointed with a glistening dot of red sindura, the peerless splendour of Your large eyes, the beautiful moonlight of Your smile, the joyful splendour of Your pure love, and the beauty of Your graceful breasts.

68 A spiritual splendour that bears the name Radha, that is the most sweet, that showers a monsoon of glorious nectar, and that is worshipped in Vraja-mandala by many hundreds of splendid and playful teenage girls more beautiful and glorious than millions of goddesses of fortune, shines in the heart of a very fortunate person, a heart where Sri Radha stays.

69 Glory to the glorious splendour that is filled with the great beauty and playfulness of youth, that has a charming beautiful form filled with deep love and bliss, that plays in the forests of Vraja, that is fair like yellow kasmira and that Vraja's queen loves in the same way She loves Lord Govinda.

70 Radha, who is tossed to and fro by the great waves in the nectar ocean of bliss and love, who with the great wonder of playful glances from the corners of Her restless reddish eyes enjoys a great festival of pastimes, who is filled with the most wonderful glory of love, and who is the most charming goddess in all the worlds, enjoys pastimes in the palace that is Vrndavana forest.

71 The crest jewel of all beautiful girls is now manifest deep in Vrndavana forest, a girl who is the devotees' cintamani jewel, a girl who is a jewel streaming the nectar of great bliss, a girl who with the slightest amorous signal from Her eyebrows bewilders He who is the jewel of Vraja.

72 Sri Radha, whose waves of sidelong glances gave birth to many millions of Kamadevas proudly standing with twanging archers' bows, and who, in the first entrance of youth has become wonderful and glorious with limitless floods of the greatest sweetness, is our queen.

73 Brahma, Siva, and the demigods are not qualified to place on their heads even a single particle of dust from Radha's feet. Even so, they who take shelter of the gopis in the course of time eventually attain Sri Radha, who is the great treasure of the nectar ocean of love. O destiny, I bow down before you.

74 Let the affectionate relatives stay far away. Let the friends and servants stay far away. How can anyone approach? In a forest grove King Vrsabhanu's daughter now enjoys pastimes with Her passionate lover. Standing at the doorway, I, Her dear maidservant, will hear the tinkling of the ornaments at Her waist.

75 O Sri Radha, in my heart may I always see in meditation the softness of Your fair limbs, the sweetness of Your smile, the longness of the corners of Your eyes, the heaviness of Your breasts, the slenderness of Your waist, the slow grace of Your steps, the broadness of Your hips, the curve of Your eyebrows, the redness of Your bimba-fruit lips, and the coolness of the nectar in Your heart.

76 When, in the early morning, will I remove the yellow garment and replace it with another, run to the forest to reclaim the lost bodice, again tie Your braids, again string the broken pearl-necklace, decorate Your eyes with mascara, and, O heroine, with coloured ointment conceal the wounds on Your limbs?

77 My restless eyes yearn to embrace the eternally youthful form that is filled with the sweet nectar of pure love, that is seen only in Vrndavana, that the Upanisads, which stay at the head of all the Vedas, cannot describe, and that Siva, Sukadeva, all the demigods and sages cannot find in their meditations.

78 The four goals of life, which begin with material piety, may be glorious to some people, but I think they are useless. Why should I waste my time talking about them? Other people may place on their heads the path of devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I am still not interested. The only thing that pleases my heart is the nectar that is service to a wonderful jewel like girl who stays deep in Vrndavana forest. Nothing else pleases my heart.

79 I serve Radha, who is the heart of the sweetest and most splendid love, who is the highest limit of skill in transcendental amorous pastimes, who is the goddess worshipped by the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, who is the supreme goddess, who appears as Durga and Saci, whose form is full of bliss, who is the Lord's first potency, who is supremely independent, and who is the first consort of Vrndavana's master.

80 Persons who avoid service to Radha, but yearn to attain Lord Krsna's company, are like persons seeking moonlight without the moon. Persons who do not understand that Radha is the spring from which the nectar waves of love for Krsna flow can attain only one single drop, and no more, of the great ocean of nectar.

81 I offer my respectful obeisances to the great souls who, renouncing all fruitive work, not attached even to devotional service to the Supreme Lord, and living the most wonderful and sweet life, always meditate on Sri Radha, who is filled with the joy of pure love and glorious with the splendour of the wonderful sweetness of youth.

82 Who are these fools who, because of their spiritual master's order, do not mark their shoulders with the conch, cakra, and other symbols, do not draw a temple of Lord Hari on their foreheads, and do not wear splendid tulasi necklaces around their necks?

83 The devotees may perform Vedic rituals or not perform them. The devotees who taste the wonderful secret nectar of devotional service may accept flower garlands and other things pleasing to the senses, or they may reject them. What foolish non-devotees, who wander aimlessly in this world, have the right to question the actions of Sri Radha's dear devotees, whose hearts have travelled to the farther shore of pure love?

84 Why talk of material things? Why fear millions of hells? I do not fear impersonal liberation. Why should I become mad, like Sukadeva Gosvami and a host of others, after worshipping the Supreme Lord? I would rather that my mind plunges into the nectar at Sri Radha's feet.

85 I cannot forget Sri Radha's beauty, the splendour of Her new youth, Her wonderful and sweet waterpot breasts, the sweetness of Her bimba-fruit lips, Her smile, Her words or Her playful motions.

86 O Sri Radha, O beautiful girl of the forest groves, when will You place Your glance of mercy on me? I yearn to attain the wonderful nectar of eternal service to You, service that the young girls of Vraja, who celebrate a festival of love that fills Laksmi, Sukadeva, Narada and all the demigods, saints and sages with wonder, attained by Your mercy.

87 When, by Radha's mercy, will I become Her maidservant? When will I massage Her beautiful lotus feet as She sleeps? When, again and again tasting the nectar of the very sweet remnants of Her meal, will I become plunged into the ever-new ecstasy of transcendental bliss?

88 O Radha, if You affectionately show me to Your beloved, who walks on the path of debauchery, then please hear how I will faithfully serve You. With smiling sidelong glances, and with the hairs of my body standing up with joy, I will tightly embrace Your beloved. In this way I will taste the nectar of service to Your feet.

89 "You like the dark sky when the moon is waning, the newly blossoming blue lotus, the black deer, the dark tamala tree, the dark monsoon clouds, and the dark Yamuna river. Why, then, do You dislike charming Krsna, who is so like them in name and form?" Will I see You smile, O Radha, as I speak these words?

90 I meditate on the girls of Vraja as they follow Sri Radha, their eyes like blue lotus flowers tossed to and fro by waves of playful glances, Their breasts like pairs of golden mountains flying in the sky, and their feet like blossoming lotus flowers suddenly planted in the ground.

91 Your eyes are like two charming fishes swimming in the ocean of nectar. Your breasts are like two cakravaka birds in the lake of nectar. Your face is like a golden lotus blossoming in the celestial Ganga. O Radha, may the many glories of the waves of Your mercy splash against me.

92 Will a certain unattainable girl, who is wonderfully glorious in Her lover's company, who is the jewel of saintly and beautiful girls, whose toenail moons on Her lotus feet shine with great moonlight, a single ray of which is more glorious than millions of goddesses of fortune, who enjoys pastimes in the nectar ocean of fathomless love, and whose limbs blossom with sweetness and charm, be merciful to me?

93 O Radha, O goddess who in a temple of jasmine flowers by the Yamuna's shore enjoys charming pastimes with your forest flower-garlanded lover, O goddess who plays in a wonderful and eternal nectar ocean of pastimes, please splash me with the many glories of the waves of Your mercy.

94 O daughter of Vrsabhanu, O goddess from whose lotus feet stream waves of love and bliss, O goddess before whose maidservants the Kamadeva of Vrndavana, yearning to attain the festival of Your mercy, speaks sweet words, I bow down before Your beautiful feet.

95 May the two wonderful syllables Ra-dha, which at once attract even the king of Gokula, which teach the love-filled devotees that all material goals are very petty and unimportant, and which are chanted by Lord Krsna Himself, even though He is already the husband of the goddess of fortune, appear before me.

96 May the two syllable mantra "Radha", which Lord Hari, sitting like the king of yogis in a cottage by the Yamuna's shore, meditating on Her lotus feet, overcome with splendid bliss and nectar love, and His eyes filled with tears, always chants, always appear in my heart.

97 The nectarean word "Radha", which is very far from the demigods, the liberated souls, the devotees, and the kindly persons who are friends to all, which when spoken with love brings a flood of the blissful nectar of love, and which Lord Hari, tears streaming down His face, happily hears, chants, and sings in the company of the gopis, is my life and soul.

98 May Sri Radha, by taking shelter of whom they who yearn to become Krsna's gopi friends attain their goal, by worshipping whom one attains the supreme perfection, whose holy name is the vine-crown adorning the Upanisads, and who with many festivals of deep love worships the boy who is the jewel of Vraja, be pleased with me.

99 I bow down before a splendour that bears the name Radha, a splendour that has limbs splendid like millions of lightning flashes, a beautiful face splendid with bliss, bimba-fruit lips splendid like coral, hands splendid like budding twigs, breasts splendid like golden lotus buds, a splendour that has lotus eyes, a splendour that enjoys charming pastimes in the newly-blossoming forest groves.

100 May charming Sri Radha, whose teeth are a row of pearls, whose beautiful lips are bimba fruits, whose waist is slender, whose deep navel is a whirlpool of newer and newer nectar, whose hips are graceful and broad, who is a rising ocean of the beauty of youth, and who is the heart of the intelligent gopis, protect us.

101 O Sri Radha, O goddess with glistening curly black hair, glistening bimba-fruit lips, a moonlike face, playful khanjana bird eyes, a splendid pearl in the tip of Your nose, broad hips, slender waist, splendid breasts, a host of wonderful glories, and vine-arms decorated with graceful armlets, please appear before me.

102 In the newly fashioned stage of Sri Radha's limbs a play will now be performed. The curtain of shyness now rises. A smile now offers a handful of flowers. Youthfulness speaks graceful words of prologue. The king of love enters and sits on the golden throne of Her hips. Now playful sidelong glances show their wonderful skill in wild dancing.

103 May Sri Sri Radha-Madhava's festival of love, where there is a great wonder of beauty and where there are new youthfulness, charm, skill in the playing among the waves of many pastimes, and places of great wonder, and where there is now awe, reverence, or unapproachableness, protect you all.

104 Will I someday gaze on Sri Radha's footprints, which are the abodes of wonderful nectar and glory, and which cloud-dark Mukunda, whose form is filled with the sweetest bliss, lovingly searches for in Vrndavana forest.

105 O Radha, when will I look on as the jewel of rasikas forcibly drags You to the bed, drinks the nectar of Your lips, with sharp fingernails scratches Your full breasts, throws away Your belt, and holds You in His hands in an opening of the forest?

106 O Radha, when will the auspicious day come when my hands will draw pictures on Your breasts, my feet follow You as You go to meet Your beloved, and my eyes see Your secret pastimes in the forest?

107 O Sri Radha, when will I celebrate a nectar festival of being eligible to hear Your playful intimate conversations with Your lover, to take You by the hand and lead You to Your lover's bed, and to retie Your braids undone in Your amorous pastimes?

108 Glory to the playful rasika couple, who with charming smiles and laughter enjoy pastimes of hide-and-seek in Vrndavana's forest groves filled with the always-new nectar of bliss and the humming of bumblebees.

109 O Radha whose face is more glorious than millions of autumn moons, the fragrance of whose jasmine-braided hair makes the bumblebees go wild, whose conchshell necklace is splendid with a necklace, the vines of whose delicate arms hold moving bracelets, who is dressed in splendid silk garments, and whose lotus feet hold tinkling anklets, when will I see Your wonderful form?

110 O my queen, when will I say to You, "You threw away fear, shyness, glory, Your family's reputation and a host of other shackles in order to be with Him!" and when will You, bewildered, stuttering, and laughing, angrily reply, "when did I do that? When?"

111 O my queen, when will I see You smiling, Your form plunged into the nectar of transcendental mellows as dark Krsna speaks sweetly to You, holding Your silk garment and the blossoming vine of Your arm? When, Your body garlanded with its hairs standing up in ecstasy, will You, humming in agreement, glance at me?

112 The king of rasikas stays in Vrndavana forest. Resting on the breast of a beautiful gopi, He enjoys the pastimes of a playful teenager. He enjoys a festival of bowing down before His gopi friend. May He be merciful to me. May He place me at His beloved's nectar feet.

113 When will our queen, who is expert in all arts, and whom many gopi friends dress in splendid silk garments, a graceful bodice, wonderful ornaments, and glorious tilaka, scents, and flower garlands, allow us to enter the sweet festival of rasas?

114 When, our necks embraced by the great arms of our lover in the sweet and wonderful rasa-dance festival splendid with tinkling bracelets, anklets, and other ornaments, will we fix our eyes on the footprints of our queen?

115 My heart swims in the nectar lake of the descriptions of Lord Krsna. I decorate each day with the ornaments of worshipping Krsna and chanting the glories of His transcendental virtues. I love Krsna's dear devotees. I pray that Sri Radha, who loves Lord Krsna, the prince of the gopas, and considers Him more dear than life, may be pleased with me.

116 If I can attain confidential service to King Vrsabhanu's daughter, whose form is filled with the nectar of pure love, then how important are pious deeds to me? How important are the demigods? How important is Brahma? How important is Siva? How important is the struggle to meet the dear devotees of Lord Krsna?
Maha Bhava - Sat, 26 Nov 2005 03:12:28 +0530

117 O Radha, O goddess with a splendid moon face, doe eyes, beautiful nose, red lips, graceful smile, vine arms, graceful conchshell neck, regal-mountain breasts, slender waist, broad hips, banana-tree thighs, lotus feet, and moon toenails, when will I be able to worship You?

118 When, seeing my sincere and unwavering devotion to Sri Radha's lotus feet, a devotion filled with boundless love greater than the love He feels for His own devotees, will charming Krsna embrace me, take the betel nuts from His mouth and place them in my mouth, and place His own forest garland upon me?

119 When will Sri Radha, whose beauty is supremely wonderful, whose expert skill in amorous pastimes is very wonderful, whose splendid glory is very wonderful, whose playful movements are wonderful, whose sidelong glances are the greatest wonder of wonders, whose smile is wonderful and whose form is wonderful, give me the opportunity to engage in Her wonderfully sweet service?

120 O Sri Radha, I meditate on Your beautiful face with its graceful restless knitted eyebrows, beautiful pouting bimba-fruit lips, fear, joy, playful amorous happiness, and sweet sarcastic words, all caused by Your lovers' quarrel with the crown of great rasikas.

121 O heart, please worship the splendour that bears the name Radha, a splendour that with its crown fills the circle of the directions with rays of light, a splendour that shines with the glory of jewels in many tinkling bracelets, armlets, and necklaces, a splendour that wears a tinkling belt on its hips, and sweetly tinkling anklets on its beautiful lotus feet.

122 May Lord Krsna's first beloved, who is the crown jewel of beautiful girls, whose bodily hairs stand upright because of Her intense love for Lord Krsna, who is splendid like kunkuma, who trembles in passionate amorous pastimes, who smiles gently, and who stays in a palace in a mandara-tree forest, protect me.

123 O queen whose lotus feet are worshipped by the girls of Vraja, O queen whose festival of love is inconceivable to the great saints, O queen who is the abode of fathomless nectar, please give to me the sweet glory of service to your lotus feet.

124 O Radha, when will I see You as, the playful moon of Your face humbly bowed, and Your veil and curling locks of hair a little lifted by Your graceful fingers, with a great splendour of sidelong glances from frightened eyes You suddenly see Your lover?

125 May Sri Radha, a single ray of light from the blissful nectar moon of whose face makes the full moon of this world seem very insignificant, whose red lips are an ocean of nectar sweetness, who passionately loves Krsna, and who is His very life, be pleased with us.

126 If a multitude of full moons were to flood countless millions of universes with many waves of the nectar moonlight of pure love, then that flood might give a slight hint of Your beautiful face in Vrndavana forest, O Radha.

127 May She who is glorious with ever new spiritual love, whose form is filled with spiritual bliss, who enjoys splendid pastimes under a kalpa-vrksa tree by the Yamuna's shore, who is a gopi residing in a secluded place in Vrndavana forest, and whose lotus feet make streams of sweet nectar flow in the hearts of Her devotees, appear before us.

128 When will Sri Radha, who is a treasure-house of the wealth of the pastimes of pure love, who, free from all fear and trouble, happily sits on Her beloved's lap, whose form is filled with limitless and peerless mercy, love, and sweetness, and whose dear gopi friends offer arati to the beauty and sweetness of Her feet, stand by Lord Krsna's side and perform an abhiseka ceremony to formally grant me the post of Her servant?

129 When will Vrndavana's queen, who deep in Vrndavana forest always enjoys a festival of transcendental amorous pastimes, who becomes intoxicated by drinking the madhvika nectar of Krsna's lips, and who is surrounded by gopis dear to Krsna, mercifully make me Her maidservant?

130 I gaze on a splendour that bears the name Radha, a splendour glorious like millions of lightning flashes, a splendour joyful with a festival of amorous pastimes, a festival that has beautiful jasmine-decorated braids, hair parted with a splendid line of red sindura, wonderful tilaka drawn with nine jewels, glistening earrings on its cheeks, a locket on its neck, a great necklace, and new red garments.

131 Glory to Sri Radha, who is the pinnacle of love's splendour, the pinnacle of the great wonder of transcendental nectar, the pinnacle of beauty, the pinnacle of youthful charm, the pinnacle of the sweetness of transcendental pastimes, the pinnacle of love and kindness to Her devotees, the pinnacle of happiness, and the pinnacle of the sweetness of transcendental amorous pastimes.

132 Sri Radha, who is the personification of pure love and transcendental pastimes, whose glorious pastimes are flooded with the nectar of great sweetness, and a tiny particle of the beauty of moonlight of the toes on whose soft and beautiful feet is the life and soul of all jewel like beautiful girls, is the only goal of my life.
133 Exhausted from enjoying pastimes of splashing in the Yamuna, and now flooded with the nectar of other wonderful pastimes, the beautiful divine couple enjoy in a beautiful palace in bumblebee-filled Vrndavana forest.
134 Two splendours, one dark like a blossoming blue lotus and the other fair like a blossoming golden lotus, beautiful splendours restless in amorous pastimes, splendours whose lotus feet are a flood of ever-new nectar, are gloriously manifested in Vrndavana forest.
135 When, sometimes offering Them betel nuts, sometimes massaging Their feet, sometimes decorating Them with flower garlands and other ornaments, sometimes fanning Them, and sometimes offering Them nectar water fragrant with camphor and other scents, will I serve Sri Sri Radha-Krsna in Their cottage?
136 Glory to Sri Radha, who is the most valuable hidden treasure, the sweetest nectar, a nectar ocean of beauty, an ocean of great mercy and affection, and a kingdom of the glistening sweetness of new youth, and whose every limb is a splendid nectar ocean of pure love.
137 If Sri Radha, a single ray of light from the moons of whose jewel toenails brings playful waves to many millions of sweet nectar oceans of love, once casts a glance of mercy, then liberation and all spiritual and material opulences become very insignificant.
138 When in sweet and blissful Vrndavana forest will I search for the newly-blossoming forest grove where my dear queen now enjoys pastimes? When will my heart become a wild bumblebee intoxicated by tasting the waves of madhvika nectar in the lotus flower of Sri Radha's feet?
139 When will I walk on the pathways in Radha's pastime forests, chant the holy name of Radha, follow the religion of worshipping Radha, and happily serve Radha's lotus feet in many ways? When, walking on the heads of all the Vedas, will I serve Radha in the most wonderful ways?
140 When will I hear the tinkling of anklets and belts as Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, finally meeting after a hundred comings and goings, and now splashed by waves of amorous desires, waves created by the splendid moon of gazing at each other's faces, enjoy wonderful transcendental pastimes on a bed in a forest cottage?
141 When will my heart become forever wild with love for the two fair and dark splendours that charm all the worlds, deeply love each other, are expert in transcendental amorous pastimes, and are eager to enjoy a spring-festival in the charming cottage of flowering madhavi vines?
142 May my tongue tremble with the desire to taste the nectar of Radha-s name. My feet follow Her footprints in Vrndavana forest. May my hands work to please Her. May my heart meditate on Her feet. May I celebrate a great festival of love for the Lord of Her life.
143 May my heart become less interested in the great bliss at Lord Krsna's beautiful lotus feet, a bliss that makes Siva and all the demigods wild with joy. Instead, may my heart, tossed to and fro by the nectar waves of the talk of Sri Radha's pastimes, happily stay on the terrace of Sri Radha's palace in Vrndavana forest.
144 Chant the holy name of Radha every day. Reject millions of other great spiritual practices. Millions of the best goals of life perform arati to the nectar at Radha's lotus feet. Millions of noble mandara trees are glorious in the land where Radha's lotus feet enjoys pastimes. Millions of wonderful spiritual perfections roll at the feet of Sri Radha's maidservants.
145 Glory to the youthful divine couple, who, Their eyes wild and restless, and Their eyebrows tossed to and fro by millions of waves of nectar of love, enjoy wonderful and amorous pastimes in the forest.
146 May a certain girl, whose form is the sweetest nectar of pure love, who is expert in the splendid limitless, wonderful, and sweet arts of love, and who, in a palace of blossoming vines in Vrndavana forest stands motionless, caught in the tight embrace of Lord Krsna's arms, appear before me.
147 He is very fortunate who, unaware of the many worlds, unaware of the scriptures, unaware of family, and unaware of the activities of the great saints, knows only the nectar of love that resides in Sri Radha, the jewel of Vraja.
148 Some talk only of the happiness of impersonal Brahman. Others are wild with the bliss of offering prayers to the Supreme Person. Others taste the peerless bliss of being Krsna's friend. Still, Sri Radha's maidservants taste the highest, most wonderful bliss, the bliss found in a single particle of the splendour of the glistening toenails of Her lotus feet.
149 Neither the demigods headed by Brahma, nor the devotees of Lord Hari, nor the Lord's friends and other associates know the secrets of Radha and Krsna. Alas! Alas! I hope for what is so difficult to attain. I yearn to become Their maidservant and see Their pastimes with my own eyes.
150 May Sri Radha who, when Her dearmost Krsna tells Her, "O beautiful, eternal lover, O wise treasure of nectar, O beloved, I pray that My love for You will always grow stronger and stronger.", smiles and replies to Him, "O lover, Your words stay always in My heart.", be always splendidly manifested in my thoughts.
151 May the effulgent youthful divine couple, who eternally enjoy blissful passionate amorous pastimes in a newly-blossoming vine cottage in Vrndavana forest, with the cooling nectar of Their feet extinguish for me the terrible flames that are the world of birth and death.
152 O Radha, O girl whose splendid braids are decorated with newly blossoming jasmine flowers, whose belt tinkles on broad hips, whose anklets tinkle, whose vine arms are splendid with bracelets, armlets, and other ornaments, and whose breasts are golden lotus-buds, when with my own eyes will I drink the nectar of seeing You?
153 O Radha, O girl whose body rocks to and fro, tossed by the waves in the limitless nectar ocean of amorous pastimes as You sit on Your beloved's lap, O girl with the blossoming golden-lotus face, when will You give happiness to the eyes of us, Your gopi friends?
154 O Radha, will You and I talk, Your every syllable like a peerless ocean of love, a cooling, sweet, gentle, delightful, shower of nectar falling on the ears?
155 O Radha, when a person once tastes the nectar of Your holy name, Lord Krsna becomes filled with love for him, makes no record of his offenses, and considers giving him the greatest gift. Who, then, can touch the pinnacle of the glory possessed by persons whose only thought is to serve You?
156 When will Radha, who loves Her maidservants, take from the moon of Her mouth the betelnuts, mixed with camphor and cloves, She has chewed and, Her cheeks filled with signs of ecstasy, place them in my mouth?
157 May the jewel of teenage girls, who is a flood of the nectar of beauty, who enjoys wonderful and beautiful pastimes, whose splendid sidelong glance is like a flood of Yamuna waves, and whose glorious form is like a monsoon cloud of love, bliss, and millions of wonders of the gentle arts of amorous pastimes, allow me to serve.
158 When will I see a splendour dressed in fine red garments, its braids gracefully tied with sweet jasmine flowers, a tinkling belt on its broad hips, and is effulgence like a golden campaka flower?
159 When, Krsna dances, splendid to Her eyes, in the midst of a great bracelet of gopis in the wonderful, playful, sweet, wild with love rasa dance circle, and as She happily and gracefully dances with Him, will I serve Her with a fan and betelnuts?
160 When will I worship Radha, who wears graceful garments, stands in the highest pinnacle of glorious love, smiles with the sweetest of sweetnesses, is splendid with glistening ornaments, happily rests on Her beloved's shoulder, and is tied by the rope of His arms in the playful and graceful rasa dance?
161 If there were a golden lotus filled with the light of ten million moons, flowing with ever new nectar, situated in the abode of great beauty, and the home of a pair of graceful and playful khanjana birds, that lotus would still not be qualified to serve Sri Radha's smiling face.
162 O Radha, when will I see the moon of Your face, a moon risen from the ocean of nectar, a moon that shames the nectar moon of this world, a moon shining at every moment with a flood of glistening, sweet, ever-new moonlight, moonlight the two cakora birds of Krsna's eyes drink again and again with a thirst that is never satisfied?
163 Will I dive into the flooding current of the nectar of love, a current rippling with waves of blissful pastimes, a current flowing in the supremely glorious and sweet nectar ocean of the limbs of Sri Radha's soft, delicate, wonderful, graceful form, which has passionate restless eyes, and a face that eclipses millions of moons?
164 "Why do You wound My neck with the swords of Your fingernails? I am not the king of demons. Why do You press My breasts? I am not Putana." O friend, when, as I clean the pastime forest-grove at sunrise, will I hear a host of parrots repeat these words You spoke to Your beloved?
165 Whether I stay in wakefulness, dream, or dreamless sleep, may the splendour of Radha's lotus feet always appear before me. Whether I stay in Vaikuntha or in hell, I have no goal but Radha. May my heart be tossed to and fro by the great waves in the nectar ocean of the description of Radha's pastimes on the terrace of the palace by the Yamuna's shore.
166 Ah, when will I, moving a fan, bring peerless pleasant coolness to Sri Sri Radha-Krsna as, perspiring, exhausted from amorous pastimes, and Their eyes happily closed, They rest on the terrace of the newly-blossoming vine palace by the Yamuna's shore?
167 One moment sweetly singing, the next moment moving back and forth on a swing, the next moment enjoying a breeze fragrant with flowers, and the next moment artistically creating new kinds of amorous pastimes, the most intelligent of girls and the crown of playful nectar lovers enjoy pastimes together in Vrndavana, the natural home of sweet loving pastimes.
168 This evening the crown of dark youths takes Her by both hands and then quickly enters the kadamba grove. As They enjoy amorous pastimes on the bed, will the sounds of Their pleasures, waves of sound that mock every other kind of happiness, enter my ears?
169 "O Srimad Radha, Nanda's son and You have both leapt into the same kind of very sweet and charming youth. Therefore You are a perfect match." When, as I speak these words, will I gaze on the most beautiful, playful, and eternally young teenage girl?
170 One is splendid like a golden campaka flower. The other is dark like a raincloud. One trembles with amorous passion. The other pretends to be averse. One is proud and contrary. The other begs with sweet words.. I gaze on Them, the most charming couple, as They enjoy pastimes in the forest.
171 Glory to the fair and dark splendours that are dressed in opposite fair and dark garments and who meet in a charming and secluded forest grove and enjoy passionate and wonderful amorous pastimes.
172 Please remember the smiling, sweet, charming pastimes the two rasikas enjoy in beautiful Vrndavana, two rasikas who play with wonderful lotus flowers in Their hands, two rasikas who place the blossoming vines of Their arms around each other's shoulders, two rasikas wild with amorous passion, two rasikas whose graceful motions are like the graceful motions of a hundred regal elephants.
173 I search for a way to become qualified to serve the lotus feet of Sri Radha, whose enchanting eyes are restless like two playful fish, whose glistening lips are like coral jewels, whose hips are like an island, whose raised breasts are like the raised forehead of the baby elephant of amorous pastimes, whose deep navel is a whirlpool, and who is a great nectar ocean of love for Krsna.
174 I meditate on the two charming splendours that bear the names Sri Sri Radha-Madhava, two splendours who, simply by the thought of being separated from each other for the duration of an eyeblink become devastated within and without as if burned by millions of the fires that destroy the universe at the kalpa's end, two splendours that are tightly tied to each other with the ropes of deep love, two splendours that are the personifications of the most wonderful love.
175 When will I retie Her braids, undone in amorous pastimes? When will I restring Her broken pearl-necklace? When will I redraw Her musk tilaka, broken in the forest in the amorous battle with the jewel of youths?
176 What can I say of other places, like Sri Vaikuntha-dhama, which is dull and uninteresting when compared to this place? In this place, Vrndavana, Krsna experiences the sweetness of Radha and Radha experiences the sweetness of Krsna. Vrndavana is flooded with the sweetest nectar. To Radha's maidservants Vrndavana gives the gift that is the charming divine couple.
177 Eternal glory to a certain celestial Ganga that flows in Vrndavana, a Ganga where the lotus flowers are a splendidly beautiful face, the whirlpool is a deep navel, the riverbanks are hips, the cooing waterbirds are a tinkling belt, and where the currents, flowing with pure nectar, passionately yearn to meet the ocean that is the most charming of rasikas.
178 Glory to the passionate splendour intoxicated by drinking the nectar of amorous pastimes in a madhavi-vine pavilion charming with the humming of bumblebees, a splendour whose form is an ocean of bliss and nectar, an ocean into which the river named Radha, filled with nectar waves of amorous desires flows.
179 Her hair a flowing Yamuna, Her complexion bandhuka flowers, the glory of Her limbs campaka flowers, Her navel a beautiful lake, Her breasts clusters of flowers, Her arms splendid blossoming vines, and Her tinkling ornaments cooing birds, Sri Radha, becoming like another Vrndavana forest, has stolen Lord Krsna's heart.
180 When, at sunrise entering the forest grove where Sri Sri Radha-Krsna enjoyed wonderful amorous pastimes, will I decorate my limbs with the remnants of fragrant ointment fallen from Their limbs, and will I place around my neck the broken flower garlands They once wore?
181 Sometimes to Her pet parrot She teaches verses glorifying Her beloved. Sometimes She makes a charming gunja necklace and a peacock-feather crown. Sometimes She draws a picture of Her beloved and presses it to Her passionate breast. That is how my queen passes Her day.
182 Sri Radha, who always tastes the sweet nectar of Her beloved's company, who loves Him eternally, who playfully sings in the fifth raga, who plays in a hundred waves of amorous pastimes, who melts with mercy, who wears a tinkling belt on Her hips, and whose feet are a nectar stream of pure love, is the only goal of my life.
183 Will She who smiles with the splendour of ten million moons, whose words are a flood of new nectar, whose breasts break the pride of golden waterpots, who lives in a wonderful palace, who celebrates a festival of ever-new love, and who enjoys pastimes in Vrndavana forest, ever secretly fill my heart with bliss?
184 When, Her limbs clothed in silk garments splendid like a new lotus whorl, and the hairs of Her body erect because again and again She happily tasted the betel nuts chewed by Krsna, will my dear friend teach me the arts of singing and playing musical instruments?
185 O Radha, I meditate on Your splendid face, beautiful with the jewels of newly blossomed lips, the flood of splendour from the glistening pearls of Your teeth, Your swinging shark-shaped earrings, and Your timid, beautiful sidelong glances.
186 O Radha, I meditate on Your beautiful cheerful face, graceful with moving curling locks of hair, a forehead splendid with tilaka, a splendid pearl on Your sesame-flower nose, and a spotless nectar effulgence.
187 Two delightful splendours, filled with the supreme good fortune of perfect nectar bliss and love, and enjoying ever-new amorous pastimes in one forest grove after another, rob both gold and the blossoming blue lotus of their beauty.
188 May Sri Radha, who with a single glistening playful sidelong glance captures the wild elephant of Vrndavana jungle, ties Him up, and makes Him into Her helpless pet, slacken the bonds that tie us to this world of birth and death.
189 O Radha, O queen, O enchantress who weaves a spell over the prince of gopas, O girl whose lotus face smiles sweetly, O girl whose sidelong glance is a flood of sweet nectar, O girl whose crooked sidelong glance melts with mercy, please look at me with that sidelong glance of mercy.
190 The corner of Her lips red with betel nuts from Her beloved's mouth, gracefully singing wonderful songs She Herself has written, Her neck tilted, Her eyebrows gracefully arched, decorated with ecstatic symptoms, and staying at Her beloved's side, Sri Radha shines with great splendour.
191 "Rascal, why do You come near our dear friend? If You touch Her breast She will faint!" O Radha, when Your lover follows You wherever You go, I will chase Him away with these words. When will I delight both Your hearts with these words?
192 When will turn from the petty rules of karma-kanda and place only Sri Radha's merciful lotus feet always in my heart. When will delightful Govinda personally teach me the art of love?
193 When will I become fortunate, happily fanning Sri Radha and He who is the tilaka mark of rasikas, as, Their wonderful bodies flooded with perspiration from a ferocious amorous battle, They rest in a forest grove?
194 When, by massaging Their feet, will I please my two masters as, filled with love, the vines of Their arms blossoming with happiness and Their eyes also blossoming in the nectar festival of a tight embrace, They recline on a couch of new flowers in the forest grove?
195 In my heart I embrace a golden splendour that shames the pride of the golden mirror, a splendour with reddish passionate eyes, a splendour that always yearns to enjoy sweet pastimes of love, a graceful and playful splendour glistening with the beauty of new youth.
196 May the divine couple, splendid like sapphires and molten gold, tightly embracing each other as an armlet embraces an arm, deeply in love with each other, Their limbs glistening with the nectar of love, and Their eyes restless with passion, appear in my heart.
197 Plunged in a nectar ocean of love for each other, and Their forms and pastimes all perfectly enchanting, the fair and dark divine couple is splendidly manifested in a cottage in newly-blossoming Vrndavana forest.
198 O Radha, when, yearning to become Your maidservant, will I become Your guest by the Yamuna's shore in Vrndavana forest?
199 Bearing the name Radha, a nectar abode of wonderful pastimes is splendidly manifest in a forest by the Yamuna's shore.
200 Glory to the goddess of Vrndavana, a goddess like love personified, a goddess like the sweetest part of the ocean of sweetness, a goddess who is the heart of all intelligent girls.
201 I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Hari, who is the charming form of bliss, who is splendid in a great festival of wonderful pastimes, and whose charming peacock feather crown now rests before Sri Radha's feet.
202 When, again and again very sweetly singing Krsna's pastimes as with sandal-paste I anoint the delightful pastime-cottage, will I become plunged in a lake of sweetness?
203 When will fortunate I see Sri Radha tremble, the hairs on Her charming body erect with joy, as Sri Krsna paints graceful and colourful pictures on her breasts?
204 Glory to the jewel of King Vrsabhanu's family, a jewel that one moment sighs with bliss, another moment trembles, and another moment, the hairs of its body erect with joy, calls out "Syama! Syama!", a jewel that is full of love, is overcome with the nectar of passionate love, and is the form of eternal bliss.
205 When will the teenage girl who is the form of love and who steals the heart of Gokula's prince engage me in Her service — wonderful service that is given to fortunate persons now bathed in the moonlight of Her toenails. Service that is the great secret hidden in the Upanisads?
206 Sri Radha's playful dancing feet, which Krsna, holding a painter's brush in His hand, paints with red lac, to which the playful, intelligent, and beautiful gopis offer obeisances, and which, splendid and glorious, are hidden in the heart of the Upanisads, are the only goal of my life.
207 O Sri Radha, O shower of the nectar of love, O ocean filled with waves of newer and newer sweetness, glory, pastimes, and mercy, O trap to catch the heart of He who is like Vrndavana's moon, O beautiful girl who plays in the newly-blossoming forest groves, paying the price that is the festival of Your service, You have purchased me.
208 “She is flooded with perspiration from bringing so many flowers from so far away. The scratches on Her breasts are from thorns. Her tilaka was broken by perspiration. Her lips were bitten by the cold winds". O Radha, speaking these words to Your cruel relatives, I will conceal Your meeting with Your beloved.
209 Again and again the Krsna-bee falls at the lotus feet of She whose face is like the moon. Now that bee drinks the nectar of Her golden-lotus face. Now, as if to get the nectar within them, that bee scratches the golden lotus buds of Her breasts with His sharp nails. When will I see all this?
210 Here are the forest groves. Here is the peerless rasa-dance circle. Here is the valley where She enjoys amorous pastimes. Alas! Alas! I do not see Radha anywhere. Alas! O queen of my life, my heart now breaks in a hundred pieces.
211 "In this forest the charming girl enjoyed new amorous pastimes. In this place She who is an ocean of nectar danced with Her beloved." O Sri Radha, when will I tremble in the land of Vrndavana as I remember the nectar waves of Your pastimes in this way?
212 O Sri Radha, from the beautiful bimba fruits of Your lips flow millions of sweet nectar oceans. The corners of Your eyes shoot millions of ferocious and wonderful Kamadeva arrows. Within Your breast are millions of treasures of passionate amorous pastimes. From Your lotus feet flow millions of limitless nectars of love.
213 Will I, exhausted, eventually fall asleep on the forest-bed's edge as I very gently massage the lotus feet of sleeping Radha and Krsna, the two nectar forms of deep bliss and sweet passionate love?
214 When, staying in a forest grove by the Yamuna, a grove flooded with the ever-new nectar of spiritual love that flows from Radha's lotus feet, seeing the most wonderful sweetness, and in my mind serving a beautiful young girl expert at enjoying amorous pastimes in Vrndavana forest, a girl filled with the deepest, most exalted love, will I forget everything else?
215 When, for a moment not seeing the jewel of lovers enjoy pastimes on Radha's lap, will I suddenly fall unconscious, plunging into the ocean of suffering, for a long time unable to comfort Her or even lament my own situation?
216 "O lotus-eyed one, why do you try again and again, and always without success, to stop Him? Mere words will not stop that rascal from following You wherever You go. O Radha, do this much: Arrange so that His eyes will see the edge of Your breast. Then His mind will at once be crushed into a powder."
217 Of what good are the scriptures? Of what good are the paths described in them and followed by great saints? Of what good are they if they do not describe the nectar glory of She who is the form of love? Of what good are they if they do not describe Her ecstasy of love? Of what good is the opulence of Vaikuntha if Radha does not stay there? I cherish the sweet hope that I may some day attain the land of Vrndavana, even if it takes me ten million births.
218 May Sri Radha, who, chanting the peerlessly sweet syllables "Syama! Syama!", becomes stunned in ecstasy, sheds tears like pearls, and the hairs of Her body standing up with joy, displays many wonders, protect us.
219 "The prince of Vraja falls at my feet. He places a straw between His teeth and begs with sweet words. He follows me wherever I go. He yearns to meet You. He is very troublesome. O affectionate Radha, what should I tell Him?"
220 Sometimes imitating a graceful pair of swans, sometimes imitating a peacock dancing before a peahen, and sometimes imitating a tree embraced by a flowering vine, the playful divine couple enjoy pastimes here in Vrndavana.

221 Eclipsing the golden and blue lotus flowers, served by the cool and fragrant breezes blowing over the Yamuna, and filled with bliss, newer and newer nectar, and many splendid pastimes, two very sweet and loving splendours shine with great glory.

222 Sometimes teaching a parrot to recite nectar poetry, sometimes clapping Their hands as a peacock dances, and sometimes imitating the pastimes of a flowering vine embracing a tamala tree, the wonderful and playful divine couple enjoy pastimes in Vrndavana.

223 When, drawing graceful pictures and designs on Your cheeks, decorating Your eyes with black kajjala, Your lips red with ranga, Your breasts with kunkum, and Your toes with red lac, will I feel happy, O Sri Radha who trembles to meet Your beloved?

224 O daughter of Vrsabhanu, when will I joke with Your beloved, telling Him, "O prince of the gopas, don't be so uselessly proud. With a great struggle You may have held up one Govardhana Hill. Still, You become terrified when You see the two golden hills on Sri Radha's body."?

225 Tinkling ornaments Their war drums, and Their weapons the nails and teeth that attack breasts and limbs, the playful and youthful divine couple fight an amorous battle in the charming courtyard of Their forest cottage.

226 Accepting, with Her eyes, initiation in the art of shy, dancing glances, and then shyly covering Her great jewel breasts, She who stays in Vrsabhanu's palace, who is surrounded by a garland of dear friends, and who is the crown of beautiful girls, plays in the pastime of an impersonalist, suddenly discovering that She is one with He who charms all the worlds.

227 "The two brilliant circles of light that shine on Her chest make My heart wild with passion. What will happen to Me next? Wounded by arrows of sidelong glances shot from the bows of Her eyebrows, My life has come to an end. What will happen to Me next? I do not know."

228 "Sridama, Subala, Vrsabha, Stokakrsna, Arjuna, what did you see? My frightened eyes would not enter that forest."
"A goddess who flooded all the worlds with Her beauty robbed our dear friend of everything He owned."

229 "The cows have gone far. The day has come to its last quarter. We can go. Your mother has fixed her eyes on the path. You suddenly stop. You are silent. Your face shows that You are overwhelmed. Tears fill Your eyes. Now You are rolling about on the ground. O friend, if You act in this way we no longer wish to live.”

230 O Radha, O girl who wears a beautiful nose-pearl set in gold, O girl who plays on the glistening waves of transcendental amorous pastimes, please use the beauty of Your breasts, breasts now concealed by a bodice embroidered with glistening jewel-pictures of newly-blossoming flowers, to make He who is the jewel of Vraja wild with passion.

231 She vows never to see Him again. Yet She stares at Him from the corner of Her eye. She vows never to speak to Him again. Yet She tells Him, "Go to her." She vows never to touch Him again. Yet She holds both His hands to lead Him outside. When, seeing all this, will I smile at Radha's desperate struggle to remain angry and jealous?

232 I pray that one day I may meet He who is the crown of rasikas, who wears a swaying peacock-feather crown and a splendid gunja necklace, who in His hand holds a flute that brings nectar to the ear, and who has become a swan swimming in the fathomless nectar-lake of Sri Radha's heart.

233 The great jewel of debauchees, who one moment suddenly tugs one gopi's garment, another moment touches His flute to another gopi's braid, another moment holds another gopi's hand, and again and again falls down before Radha's lotus feet, wanders in the pathways of Vraja Village.

234 Will I know this great debauchee who steals one gopi's heart, places a trembling hand on another gopi's breast, with His flute tugs the jasmine garland in another beautiful-eyed gopi's braids, touches another gopi's joyous blossoming-vine arm, arranges to meet another gopi, and still falls down before Radha's feet.

235 Sometimes resting His joyous arm on His beloved's shoulder, sometimes wandering like a wonderful maddened elephant in Vrndavana forest, and sometimes giving wonderful instructions in the arts of love, Krsna enjoys pastimes in a secluded forest grove filled with humming bees.

236 He stays far away from talk of creating, maintaining or destroying material worlds. He does not listen to Narada and the devotees. He will not meet with Sridama and other friends. He ignores His parents' love. Thinking only of Sri Radha, who is the pinnacle of love and the fathomless ocean of sweet nectar, day and night Krsna worships the path that leads to the forest.

237 A glorious splendour, dark like the blue lotus, very sweet, and the great glory of Vrndavana forest, has now become the playful ornament of Sri Radha's breast.

238 By offering Herself to Him, a certain splendour glorious like the new moonlight, more wonderful than Goddess Laksmi, eternally glorious, decorated with a beautiful pearl necklace, and possessing a shyly curved form, a sweet smile, and a great glory of pastimes, pleases the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead.

239 Here in the beautiful forest of Vrndavana resides a great secret, a secret unknown to Narada, Brahma, Siva and Sukadeva, a secret that knows how to steal Krsna's heart.

240 How will I celebrate a festival of being qualified to engage in the confidential service of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna, a festival that Goddess Laksmi cannot understand, Krsna's friends cannot attain, and Brahma, Narada, Siva, Svayambhuva Manu, and a host of others cannot imagine, a festival attained only by the gopi maidservants of Vrndavana's queen?

241 Eating remnants of Your meal, hearing Your pastimes, meditating on the dust of Your lotus feet, walking to the forest groves that are Your home, singing of Your divine virtues, and gazing on Your form, with a pure body, mind, and words, I take shelter of You, O Sri Radha, O giver of nectar.

242 I search for a way to become qualified to serve the lotus feet of Sri Radha, whose enchanting eyes are restless like two playful fishes, whose glistening lips are like coral jewels, whose hips are like an island, whose raised breasts are like the raised forehead of the baby elephant of amorous pastimes, whose deep navel is a whirlpool, and who is a great nectar ocean of love for Krsna.

243 When, by stringing flower garlands, grinding very soft sandal paste, making wonderful moadaka candies, and cleaning the secluded grove in Vrndavana forest, will I become a maidservant and serve my queen, who is overcome with love for the master of Her life?

244 Staying in the glistening Vrndavana forest, and sitting on Her beloved's blissful lap, Sri Radha, who is the treasure-house of amorous pastimes, whose beautiful face is flooded with the sweet moonlight of Her gentle smile, and whose deep glances come from glistening youthfulness in the nectar ocean of pure love, enjoys great happiness.

245 Glory to Sri Radha, who is the glorious and playful treasure of pure love, the treasure of youthful splendour, the treasure of sweetly graceful limbs, the treasure of graceful opulence, the treasure of great sweetness, the treasure of amorous pastimes, the treasure of the nectar of beauty, and the treasure that means everything to Lord Krsna.

246 "Two youths who eclipse the blue lotus waves of splendour are now reflected on Your breasts. How did They become so charming and enchanting? Please accept Them as Your friends and tightly embrace Them." May Sri Radha's smile, which appears when Krsna sees His own reflection and speaks these bewildered words, protect us all.

247 O Radha, when will I hear You say "Run into Your beloved's arms!" as, seeing Your own charming reflection in His Kaustubha jewel as You enjoy a festival of pastimes with Your beloved, You suddenly flee, weeping and overcome with grief?

248 O Radha, when will I see Your braids, which are decorated with strings of jewels and flowers, which are gloriously dark like the splendour of sapphires, and which are like a great throne where the king of nectar sits?

249 O Radha, when will I see Your braids, which with His own hand Krsna has decorated with flowers, jewels, strings of fragrant jasmines, and, at their end, a glistening cluster of rubies?

250 All glories to the golden cloth that covers Your parted hair, a cloth that with its colourful grace fills the heart with wonder, a cloth glistening with pearls and jewels, a cloth filled with all the wonder and sweetness that belongs to the god of love.

251 O Radha, all glories to the sindura-anointed part in Your hair, which seems to say to us, "Because of me the nectar stream of Radha's glistening curly hair is divided into two parts, just like charming, dark, crooked, two-faced Krsna."

252 O Radha, Krsna's eyes are cakora birds drinking the nectar moonlight
of Your face, bees attracted to the lotus flower of Your beauty, khanjana birds playing on the riverbank of Your hips, glistening fish swimming in the lake of Your sweetness, and two deer playing in the forest of Your happiness.

253 May Sri Radha, whose eyes are lotus flowers, and who, plunged into the blissful nectar lake of Krsna's lap, finds Her cooling limbs touched by His hand, Her nectar form tightly embraced by His arms, and Her raised chin kissed by His lips, protect us.

254 Again and again I sing the sweet glories of Sri Radha. Again and again I describe the blissful nectar glories of Sri Radha, Again and again I stay in the secluded forest where Sri Radha enjoys pastimes. With a heart overcome with love, again and again I meditate on the nectar flowing from Sri Radha's feet.

255 May Sri Radha, whose bodily hairs now stand erect, who, again and again chanting the nectar syllables "Syama! Syama!", and with longings of love again and again talking of Krsna, now angrily yearns that this day of suffering may somehow pass, protect us.

256 When will Sri Radha, who passes Her days sometimes singing of Her beloved's skill in amorous pastimes, and sometimes meditating on how in the future She will enjoy with Her beloved, perhaps pretending sweetly to beg Him, "Enough! Stop! O please stop!", delight us all.

257 O Sri Govinda, please accept me as a person engaged in the wonderful sweet service of the girl who is the crest jewel of all girls in Vraja, the girl whose lotus feet You consider millions of time more dear than life. O Supreme Master, at every moment I beg this of You.

258 "May Sri Radha be pleased and grant me service to Her, service that even the great self-realised souls find difficult to attain." With this desire in my heart, I meditate on a certain teenage boy who is dark like a blue lotus, crowned with a peacock feather, and dressed in garments splendid like molten gold.

259 When, day and night meditating on He who wears a peacock-feather crown, always chanting His names, serving His lotus feet, chanting His mantra, and all the while in my heart yearning to attain service to Sri Radha's feet, will I become able, by His mercy, to celebrate a wonderful festival of pure spiritual love.

260 O Sri Radha, when, singing songs about the form and qualities of the king of rasikas, placing before Him a graceful gunja necklace and a crown, and pleasing Him with the betel nuts, garlands and fragrances sent by the beautiful gopis, will I become plunged in the nectar lake of the glory of Your lotus toenails?

261 Who is Radha? She is the goddess even the Vedas cannot approach. Who is Krsna? He is the beloved whose home is at the lotus flower of Radha's breast. Who am I? I am an insignificant living being entangled in household duties. It is only because Vrndavana is such a glorious abode that the holy name was ever given to a person like me.

262 The great sweetness present in the lotus feet of Sri Radha, who is the form of eternally-new, sweet, gentle, spiritual love, is manifest in Vrndavana forest. I meditate on Sri Radha, who enjoys pastimes with He who is the tilaka mark of rasikas. What shall I do, that one day I will be able to leave this material form behind and become Sri Radha's maidservant?

263 O Yamuna, in your waters She who is my treasure enjoyed pastimes with Her beloved. O splendid, wonderful, spiritual trees and vines touched by Their hands! O pet parrots who stay in Radha's pastime cottage! O deer! O peacocks! Again and again I bow down before You and beg for Your mercy.

264 May the Yamuna river, which is splendid like a blue lotus, and which carries in its streams the nectar of peerless love, a nectar that seems to be the kunkuma washed from Sri Radha's waterpot breasts as She enjoyed pastimes in the water, fill my slow heart with light.

265 Even cruel sinners, whom saintly persons will refuse to see or talk with, become great saints if they live in wonderful, glorious, charming Vrndavana. They attain transcendental forms that give bliss to the kings of the yogis. When I see them, I know in my heart that they should be worshipped with great care.

266 May the wonderful and rare glory of Vrndavana, glory that is seen in the hearts of the gopis who serve Radha's feet, glory that cannot be understood by a heart untouched by Radha's mercy, glory that floods even sinners with the sweet nectar of spiritual love, appear in my heart.

267 When will I reside in wonderful, sweet, effulgent, purifying Vrndavana forest, the witness of Sri Radha's pastimes? When, maddened with spiritual love, with my own eyes will I see that I have a graceful, splendid, appropriate spiritual form in effulgent Vrndavana forest?

268 Wherever my karma forces me to take birth, either in hell or in the highest abode, I pray that the forest where Sri Radha enjoys pastimes will always shine in my heart.

269 What kind of person am I? I am a fool. What is the nature of Sri Radha's name? It is the sweet nectar of transcendental bliss. What in this book seem to be words describing Sri Radha's feet are actually the splendour of playful Sri Radha's toenails in the graceful and splendid groves of Vrndavana.

270 O Sri Radha, whose glory the Vedas, the wise devotees, and even the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself try to find, it is only by Your mercy that I was able to compose these verses. Even in these verses I have committed many offenses and I often strayed from the path walked by the great souls.