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Grinning with the Grimly Gremlin - A Pence for your Smile

A D R Singh - Sat, 22 Jun 2002 09:42:42 +0530
Two friends were arguing about the right way to chant the Hare Krishna mantra. Wang Dum Pling from Shanghai was making his point "I learnt it in India when I went to see the Dalai Lama like this :
                          Hali Klishna Hali Klishna
                          Klishna Klishna Hali Hali
                          Hali Lama Hali Lama
                          Lama Lama Hali Hali".
 At least he was pronouncing the Lama's name with utter perfection.
  The friend Noway Jose from Puerto Rico disagreed with Wang's version. "Are you loco or nuts?... that sounds almost like Halle Berry which means maya at high noon, and it ain't right". he said. "The way I learnt it from the monks dressed in orange bedsheets was like this :
                           Areh Krreesna Areh Krreesna
                           Krreesna Krreesna Areh Areh
                           Areh Rrama Areh Rrama
                           Rrama Rrama Areh Areh".
 Presently the debate turned into an argument which reached a heated pitch. A showdown seemed to be the only way left to arrive at the true conclusion. Blows, cuffs and kicks were amply exchanged by the two debatees as they rolled about on the ground, clobbering the life out of each other. Even ear biting a la Mike Tyson took an important role in the dogfight which was intense and very painful even to watch.
 After some time Bhakta Slim Weekesfield from London arrived on the scene. As his name suggests he was a delicate creature who had not the guts, gill, or will to intervene in the mess.Tears of helplessness poured from his eyes as he pulled a rosary out of a cloth bag while moving the beads, crying out frantically like this :      
                            "Hurry Krishna Hurry Krishna
                             Krishna Krishna Hurry Hurry
                             Hurry Rama Hurry Rama
                             Rama Rama Hurry Hurry".