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looking for a travel partner - February and March 2006

narayani - Wed, 09 Nov 2005 10:41:17 +0530
Jaya Radhe friends,
I am a single woman wanting to travel in Vrndaven/Govardhan/Radha kund Durning the months of February and March of 2006. I've heard there's a good place to stay behind Radha Raman Temple. I am not affilitated with iskcon or Gaudiya math. I've traveled India twice before and have some exposure to authentic vaisnavism. I'ld like to learn some Bengali and hindi on my trip and visit holy places and temples and enjoy plenty of kirtan. Explore! I traveled alone there in Kartik of 2004. It was such a drag being stared at all the time so eventually I took shelter with a parikram group. I prefer to travel with one or two knowledgeable persons. please email me if you'ld like a good travel partner.