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Ramadas Babaji -

Sakhicharan - Tue, 08 Nov 2005 11:42:17 +0530
I intend to post what I can about the life and pastimes of Sri Ramadas Babaji here. For now, I would like to start with something I recently heard from our dasanundas-ji...

As Bodo Baba was preparing to leave this sphere he gave Ramadas Baba his kartals and said, "Amar bhajan holo sara..." "My bhajan is finished for this life."
He received from Bodo Baba the shakti to extemporaneously create kirtan...Ramadas Babaji used to tell in kirtan...

VabNidhi Gauranga Amar Abhab er sanga kore na..

VabNidhi means the King of all bhava. Abhab er sanga kore na means Gauranga does not associate with a deficiency of bhava...In a nutshell it means that Gauranga filled the deficiency of bhava within the jiva according to his own aspiration.... and thus eventually associates with him...So whoever aspires for bhava according to his own taste receives such by the mercy of Gaura.
Sakhicharan - Tue, 08 Nov 2005 23:00:03 +0530
A brief description of the passing of Ramadas Babaji

Sri Srimad Namacharya Ramadas Babaji Mahasaya...
fruit of a tree named Radharaman Charan Das Dev.


This is from a conversation with dasanudas-ji...

On that day Babaji Maharaj was sitting with my jethu (uncle)...He was doing padaseva of Babaji Maharaj. Babaji Maharaj started smiling at some point and asked my uncle, "Ki re sukh pachchis?" Hey! are you getting pleasure in doing this? My uncle was very young... this was during his schooling time...Then that day everything was going on as usual ... Kirtan... Nama, etc. at Path Bari asram....
At night time when everybody went for sleep Babaji Maharaj shouted and called everybody ... "Didi dakche ... Didi dakche...Amake ekhoni jete obey..."
"Didi (Lalita Sakhi Dasi) is calling... Didi is calling I have to go at once..."
Then he said "Tora nam suru kor"... You people start samkirtan...
Everybody came to that place... The main mandir was opened...
Gaura Nitai were awakened...
Babaji Maharaj started Uddanda namsamkirtan.... tears started ejecting from his eyes as if from a mechanical pump....
While doing namsamkirtan, watching the face of Nitai Gaura in the main mandir, he remained silent at last.....
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Sakhicharan - Fri, 09 Dec 2005 01:18:48 +0530
A short passage showing the merciful nature of Sri Ramadas Babaji Mahasaya...

Once in Ramadas Babaji's asrama the costly watch of Sri Dulala Babu of Calcutta was stolen. The watch was found in the suitcase of a man named Nagaravasi. Advaita Das Babaji said to Ramadas Babaji, "Dada, it is not safe to keep such a thief in the asrama. Turn him out."
Baba Mahasaya said, "I have been asked by Bodo Babaji to accept, not reject, I have to live with all kinds of people, whether good or bad."
Bodo Baba used to say, "If we come to know that a man is fallen and turn him out because he is fallen, who will keep him? We must keep him with us and reform him. It was for the deliverance of the fallen that Nitai Cand's heart used to weep."
Sakhicharan - Sun, 11 Dec 2005 00:55:00 +0530
The story of Nayanatara Devi of Sonamukhi city is another example of the mercy of Ramadas Babaji Mahasaya's mercy upon the fallen. Nayantara came from a respectable Brahmin family who were all educated. She was also highly educated. She was married to the son of rich man of Varanasi, who was also learned. She did not like him and ran away with the son of a goldsmith. He took her to Delhi and other places. Finally he took her to Calcutta and lived with her there for some time before giving her up. She was obliged to go back and live with her parents, but she was not well received in the family. After some time she went to Bankura and began to live as a prostitute in the area where the other prostitutes lived.

Once Baba Mahasaya happened to pass through that locality while he was out for nagara-kirtan. He looked at her piteously and mercifully. His glance touched her heart. There was a total change in her. The next day she went to find Baba Mahasaya and received initiation from him. She distributed all her wealth among the other prostitutes, shaved her head and went to Braj with only the single dhoti with which she wrapped her body. For a long time no one knew anything about her.

In 1933 Baba went to Braj on the occasion of Rasotsava. A large number of devotees and Gosvamis accompanied him. One day he was doing svapnavilasa-lila-kirtan. One of the stanzas of the kirtan was:
vRndAvana kuJja nikuJjahi nivasayi
tuhu vara nAgara kAna |
aharniza tuhAri daraza binu jhUrala
tejaba sabahu parANa ||

O Kana! You revel in the kunjas of Vrndavan, I know.
But You do not appear before me.
In Your separation I weep and weep
Weeping I shall die!

As soon as a lady heard this, she fell senseless on the ground and her consciouness never returned. She died weeping in separation from Krishna. She was the same Nayanatara, the outcast of society, that was saved by the all merciful Ramadas Babaji. She became a true Vaisnavi. The manner in which she died would be coveted by many saints. She left her body in Nidhuvan in the presence of her gurudev while hearing him singing nikunja-lila-kirtan.