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Today's outage -

Madhava - Thu, 03 Nov 2005 20:44:50 +0530
The rather long outage we just experienced is now fixed, as you can all see. All it took was a server reboot, and it could have been done at any time really. I wasn't that tuned in on the ongoings here with Govardhan Puja and all going on, and assumed the outage was just a problem in the connections here.

Since my e-mails are tied with the server GD is on, please use an off-server e-mail address for reporting problems if GD becomes non-responsive. (Note that non-responsive means it doesn't load at all; if you just get a GD error message, that isn't non-responsive.) The e-mail address is ragadesign at gmail dot com. Please don't use it for any other correspondence.
Gaurasundara - Thu, 03 Nov 2005 21:53:46 +0530
Thanks for explaining. I was becoming a little worried since I thought that today would be the third day running. I was just going to write an email to you about it before I thought I'd check and see if the problem was still current. Obviously, it's not. smile.gif