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Bomb blasts in New Delhi - travelling safe? - Everyone ok?

gauraprema - Mon, 31 Oct 2005 05:27:29 +0530
Dear devotees,

This weekend, we heard news of 3 terrible bomb blasts in New Delhi, killing at least 55 people. This comes as a shock as this is a time of celebration in India for both Deepavali and also the end of Ramadan for the Muslims.

I'm just writing to see if everyone, Madhavaji and family, Yugal and other devotees are fine... by Srimati's mercy, I'm sure you all are.

I was also wondering, in all esteemed devotee's opinions - I am planning to travel to Vraja in January 2006 for about 3 weeks, hopefully staying in Vraja and maybe Radha Kunda, but am not sure exactly where. Would it be safe to travel now and can anyone please offer any suggestions of travel, taxi drivers etc etc...

This is my first time travelling to Vraja - so while I can sort out plane tickets and everything from this end, as far as heading into New Delhi and Vraja is concerned, I'm pretty much going in blind. So please advise....

Thanking you for your help,

Radhe Radhe!

Sudevi dasi
Madhava - Mon, 31 Oct 2005 10:57:29 +0530
We're all in one piece and together. Braja was actually in Delhi on the day, but nowhere near the incidents. The rest of us were here at Radha-kunda.

As for whether it's safe to travel, don't take my assurance for it, but I personally wouldn't worry over it; to give a perspective, has it been safe to travel to the U.S. since 9/11?
gauraprema - Mon, 31 Oct 2005 15:11:27 +0530
Dear Madhavananda dasji,

Glad to hear that you are all safe and well in RAdha Kunda.... was a little worried about everyone. smile.gif

Yeah at this point I think what's the use of worrying over such mundane things.. even if something happens while I'm there... at least I'll be stuck in the Dham, what luck! biggrin.gif

Thanks for that Madhava, it's great to hear from you, would you be able to just mention to Yugal that I'm planning to come in January, hopefully he'll be there too, so I can introduced to Baba... was hoping ot meet you too, but you probably won't be there hey?

Any other devotees out there who could help with the practical side of things? What to bring, who to ring for taxi etc etc? Please help if you can, really need it!

Hare Krishna!

Sudevi dasi