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On splitting threads -

Madhava - Fri, 28 Oct 2005 12:02:03 +0530
The moderators recently received a complaint on a post that was split off into a separate thread.

I'd like to make it clear that this is a common practice, and we do not generally consult people who have participated in threads to inquire whether they would give their consent for the thread to be split or not. Threads are split when we see different strands of material growing within one thread for the sake of clarity in discussions.

Sometimes the new opening post of the thread will be edited to include a link to the old thread. We may also change a word there, such as "I was viewing this thread" into "I was viewing that thread" to prevent confusion.

If there is something that you feel is incorrect in the opening post and you'd like to rephrase it, you're free to edit both the post and the topic title to your liking.

As mentioned earlier, we are all a bit pressed on time and don't have time to start elaborate discussions on what exactly should or should not be done when we manage and organize content in the forums to keep it both readable now as well as for future readers.

Thank you for understanding.