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Barha Babaji and Balmukunda - discussion on aparadh

Sakhicharan - Mon, 24 Oct 2005 07:16:42 +0530
Baba Mahasaya met with some men from the deputy magistrate's house who took him to the magistrate's home. The magistrate (Balmukunda Babu) had gone mad and turned violent. He was put in chains. Upon seeing Barha Babaji he begain to wail, "Baba! I have gone mad! Heal me! I am a great sinner. I have tortured and tormented many people. If you embrace me once, I am sure I will be cured."

Baba Mahasaya asked that his chains be removed. As soon as he was released he clasped Baba Mahasaya and Baba held him close to his heart. His madness was now gone and his peace of mind was restored as he sat in by the side of Baba Mahasaya.

Baba Mahasaya asked, "Can you say why you became mad?"

Balmukunda said, "When engaged in the work of settlement I was once conducting some measurement in the ashram in Nimparha, and I had some altercation with some sadhus residing there and I think that is the cause of my malady."

Baba Mahasaya said, "You are right. this thought came to my mind as soon as I saw you. You should be careful in the future. An offense committed against a Vaisnava is so detrimental that it destroys in an instant the good effects of bhajan practiced throughout life. Not only Vaisanvas, the offence committed against any jiva is detrimental. My advice is that you should go at once and apologize to those Vaisnavas. That will be good for your bhajan."
lbcVisnudas - Mon, 24 Oct 2005 10:22:28 +0530
khyabat he!
Jay Radhe!