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Lord Gaura Hari - Child's Play - Cited regarding differences in Shalagram Shilas

rsb - Mon, 24 Oct 2005 00:31:12 +0530
There is the well-known story of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu when He was an infant. One day
while he was playing with the other children, his mother Saci brought a dish filled with sweets and asked the child to sit down and eat them. But when she returned to her household duties, the child began to eat dirt. Seeing this, mother Saci returned and asked, "What is this!" She snatched the dirt from the hands of the child and asked why He was eating it?

The child cried and said, "Why are you angry? You have already given me Dirt to eat? What is the difference?" "This body is a transformation of dirt, and the eatables are also a transformation of dirt. You are blaming Me without consideration. Why?"

Astonished that her child was speaking nonsense, mother Saci replied, "Who has taught You this philosophical speculation that justifies eating dirt?" Replying to the child philosopher, mother Saci said, "My dear boy, if we eat earth transformed into grains, our body is nourished, and it becomes strong. But if we eat dirt in its crude state, the body becomes diseased instead of nourished, and we will be ruined."

"In a waterpot, which is a transformation of dirt, I can bring water very easily. But if I poured water on a lump of dirt, the lump would soak up the water, and my labor would be useless."

The child replied to His mother, "Why did you conceal self-realization by not teaching Me this practical philosophy in the beginning?" "Now that I can understand this philosophy, no more shall I eat dirt. Whenever I am hungry I shall suck your breast and drink your milk.