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Baba's Teachings and other new entries - June 6th news

Madhava - Mon, 06 Jun 2005 10:24:16 +0530

The Baba's Teachings series

With four new entries, the Baba's Teachings series has been completed for the time being as we are out of footage. That gives us a total of over four hours of questions and answers on a number of essential themes of spiritual life. The themes of the new entries are the following -You can read the full descriptions and download the files here.

New: The Madrasi Baba series

The Madrasi Baba series features discussions and narrations by Madrasi Sri Krishna Das Babaji Maharaja a respected mahatma who lived on the banks of Radha-kunda and introduced many fortunate souls to its mysteries. Lake of Flowers Productions would like to thank Karunamayi Dasji for making the footage available. You can view the series here.

The Vraja Festivals series

A good many new entries have been added, increasing the total to twenty-two videos covering almost ten hours of festivities and many more entries are yet to come. We estimate to have most of our current footage processed and available by the end of the month. Browse the Vraja Festivals series here.

Downloading from the Archive

While you're downloading from The Internet Archive, we'd appreciate if you took a moment and added a short review of the titles there. Having titles reviewed helps in giving them better visibility in the future for people who find the files directly from the Archive without coming through the Lake of Flowers portal.

Ongoing projects

The Baba's Teachings series is currently being subtitled for ease of comprehension for those who may have problems following Babaji Maharaja's accentuated English, or otherwise grasping the narration from amidst the often marvelous background noise in Vraja. Subtitles will also be added to many of the parikrama-videos with information on the various locations.

We are processing the audio archives of Advaitadas, hoping to clarify the sound of this great collection of field recordings from various kirtans at Radha-kunda. The infrastructure for a high-resolution still image archive is being worked on. If you have collections to contribute whether video, audio or still images you're cordially invited to get in touch with us and discuss how it could best be shared with the world.