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Srila Prabhupada Samkalpana - Just my imagination...? Manasa-sat-sanga...?

rsb - Sun, 09 Oct 2005 05:21:06 +0530
Srila Prabhupada Samkalpana

by Richard Shaw Brown (Hrsikesananda das)

NOTE: I'M NOT ON ANY SIDE ...Just my imagination...?

Basic on previous direct association and discussions with Srila Prabhupada this is how I imagine it would be today. Below is one example:

HD: Jaya Gurudev, I’m so thankful to see you. (Bowing down): Namo om vishnu padaya krishna presthaya bhutale srimate bhakti-siddhanta sarasvati iti namine... Namaste saraswati deve gauravani pracharine nirveshesha sunyavadi paschatya desha tarine

ACBSP: Hare Krishna! Tumi baalo achin?

HD: Aami tekachi, Gurudev (pause)

ACBSP: Yes, something is on your mind?

HD: Well, I'm troubled by a few things, some mistakes that conflict with Gaudiya tradition...

ACBSP: Yes, for example?

HD: Gurudev, when I first came back you changed the Sannyas Mantra cause Satsvarupa was gaving the wrong one, remember?

ACBSP: Yes. So what is wrong?

HD: Well, Gurudev, one thing is the prema dhavani; everyone bows down, and I'm left standing there. In every Math I have ever been they always stood and beat mridangas during Jaya; but here, they all bow down. So I feel awkward; I don't want to bow down cause I know it's wrong; but I don’t want to do opposite of my god brothers.

ACBSP: So it should be changed.

HD: Yes, Gurudev! Back to normal... Otherwise we can't mix properly with the Gaudiya Math. They may find fault.

ACBSP: So call my secretary, I will tell, it is a simple matter.

HD: Uh, whose your secretary now Gurudev?

ACBSP: Who is my secretary?

HD: Yes, Gurudev, who should I call?

ACBSP (laughing): Tamal Krishna Maharaj, of course.

HD: Right! (Pause) But he's with you Gurudev, I can't reach him?

ACBSP: What, you cannot reach? How can you reach me?

HD: Well, I never prayed to Tamal Krishna Maharaj before.

ACBSP: You can pray; to any vaishnava! But there is no need.

HD: No need for what, Gurudev?

ACBSP: No need for Tamal Krishna, he is my servant HERE

HD: That's what I thought, who will listen to Tamal Krishna Maharaj? I mean if he's there, with you? Anyway, lots of devotees are so envious of Maharaj that they even say he poisoned you!

ACBSP: (Belly laugh) But you, you know the truth? What do you think?

HD: About Maharaj? He was your strongest protector! I remember he loved you so much, I remember Gurudev! Right to the end.

ACBSP: Yes, and now he is here, he came in an instant; he did not suffer like me!

HD: It must be your mercy, Gurudev, on Maharaj

ACBSP: In my life he sacrificed, everything, to protect me, to serve me, to help me. So I have brought him back with out pain

HD: (speechless)...

ACBSP: But the matter of Vaishnavatva, the bowing when giving Jaya. It started as mistake. So clumsy. In those early days, after arati, when I was giving Jaya, they did not know what to do, and by devotion they would immediately bow, all of them. It just started... But it is not the tradition. No!

HD: I told my god brothers so many times, but they have to hear it from you, Gurudev, otherwise they can't mix with the Gaudiya devotees, because during Prema dhavani all the Gaudiya devotees will remain standing to give jaya, but all my god brothers will bow down, BEFORE pranams, and it will look embarrassing, Gurudev! ... I think it should be corrected, among other things, just like you corrected the sannyas mantra in Mayapur... Otherwise we will all make you look wrong, by bowing during jaya, because it's the opposite. Just like you said, it’s not the tradition… In fact, in drives a wedge between Iskcon and all other Gaudiya Maths. And there are other mistakes. It is embarrassing to me… what should be done, Gurudev?

ACBSP: So, we shall fix, as I said please call my secretary... I will dictate

HD: You mean Tamal Krishna Maharaj?

ACBSP:(Laughing) Maharaj is here with me, as you say, who will hear him?

HD: So who’s your secretary, Gurudev? Who should you tell?

ACBSP: (Smiling and folding his hands) Bhakti Vedanta Narayana Maharaj...

HD: Narayana Maharaj from Mathura?

ACBSP: Yes. He is my very dear friend, and HE is my secretary there.

HD: I thought so Gurudev, he even wrote the samadhi mantra on your vapu.

ACBSP: When I took sannyas, Narayana Maharaj was there, he also takes care of me, he is very respectful, very expert devotee. I asked him to look after you. He can tell them (my disciples) not to bow down during giving jaya. He knows everything. In ashram life he has more experience than me...

HD: He was a Sannyasi before you, isn’t it, Gurudev?

ACBSP: Yes, he is whole life devotee. He started early; perhaps he is the most expert preacher among shishas of Keshava Maharaj. You know Keshava Maharaj is my Sannyas Guru and Narayana Maharaj has been my great friend, like a dear son.

HD: Yes Gurudev, I remember when I first saw him prostrate before the Deities at Keshavji he seemed so humble, so divine. And I saw he was respectful to all your god brothers… He was very close to Bon Maharaj too. I saw many times.

ACBSP: Yes, he is my real successor; and I have told the leaders, all my disciples, to take guidance, any guidance from Narayana Maharaj. But they have rejected my order!

HD: Well, he seems to be following in your footsteps, Gurudev. He's old now, but he's working, traveling so hard. He never stops, just like you, Gurudev!

ACBSP: Of course, I am teaching through him, we are doing together. The process of Krishna Consciousness reaches to the mind, manasa, manasa-seva. This must be achieved.

HD: That's what I thought. Like we discussed during Upadesamrita. But he's taken Krishna Consciousness so high, that some of your disciples are against him, especially those who stand to lose power.

ACBSP: YES! Maharaj is right: Krishna consciousness is “SO HIGH!” But always someone will be against. So many were against me, but I am example... Narayana Maharaj will surely meet resistance, but this is the challenge for acharyas. We must carry on in spite of resistance. You know Haridas Thakura was whipped in so many market places, the Muslims, they punished! So much resistance. But he carried on his Krishna Consciousness, it did not matter.

HD: Gurudev, I don't have to tell you, you must know, but Iskcon generally make such distinction that they say Narayana Maharaj is stealing your men! They act like he’s a thief!

ACBSP: My men? Who is stealing?

HD: That's what they say about Narayana Maharaj.

ACBSP: This is nonsense; we are all Krishna's men; “jiver svarup hai krishner nitya das”

HD: Gurudev, you're chaitya-guru, in their hearts, why can't you tell them?

ACBSP: Always I am telling, but who is hearing? I engaged them in ugra-karma because they were so restless, but now they no longer listen; they listen to what ever their mind dictates. I know they pass resolution, this is guru, this is not. But I was not passed as guru by any resolution. Guru is svayam-prakash; what is resolution!?

HD: And they even banned him from your temples!?

ACBSP: (Silent, brooding) Such rascaldom! Maharaj is serving me, even up to my samadhi, but they have become so rude, how can they ban my very dear friend? How can any devotee be denied?

HD: I don't know, Gurudev! I can’t stand it. If Maharaj isn’t welcome then I’m not going either.

ACBSP: Anyway, Maharaj will teach the matter of prema-dhavani, the correct way, and many will listen, so he can tell them.

HD: I'm pretty sure they already do it correctly with Maharaj. But how many will learn correctly, Gurudev?

ACBSP: Out of millions, one will listen. But I think many are listening to Narayana Maharaj!? Otherwise, without real sat-sanga, how will they ever realize my teachings?

HD: Gurudev, I think many people have taken shelter of Maharaj already, he really works hard… he must be inspired by you, Gurudev.

ACBSP: So he has become spiritual master! What is the wonder?

HD: Yes, Gurudev, more and more. He's just like you. It's like he picked up from when you left. But he was so humble he didn't even stake any leadership on Iskcon. Even he was the obvious choice for your successor. Without Maharaj my god brothers didn’t even know how to perform your samadhi. Me neither! I don’t know how. But by your arrangement he came and was your samadhi-pujari. Maharaj was there for you, always.

ACBSP: You all saw, Maharaj wrote mantra on my vapu, in my samadhi. So that is law, In India that is tradition, who writes samadhi mantra, he is successor.

HD: Well that's not the way Iskcon sees it. They hate him. They treat him like an enemy. (Pause) But Maharaj would never tolerate even one speck of criticism against you, Gurudev.

ACBSP: Not everyone, Hrisikesh! Many are progressing, just see Jadurani, and now so many. He is my great well-wisher, and certainly the most qualified, in every detail, in every respect.

HD: So what should I do, Gurudev! If I tell them about the mistakes in vaishnavatva they get angry and say I'm offending you. They don’t even know the word “vaishnavatva”, Gurudev! But if I bow down during Jaya I feel I'm doing wrong, unbona fide, and If I remain standing then I'm an outcaste.

ACBSP: Hrisikesh, I don't want you to get mixed up in this mess. You cannot help. Only Maharaj can teach them now; they cannot teach themselves, not without sadhu-sanga. You have your own mission. You must become big designer, the utmost, as I have inspired you…

HD: You mean don't associate with Iskcon?

ACBSP: You are my disciple, not Iskcon's disciple. Iskcon is simply a slogan. They say it is my body only for money. Some of you have misbehaved so much that many people now look down; the general public. This is not good development. But such thing happened after disappearance of my Guru Maharaj… it was a disgrace! You have heard details from Bon Maharaj?

HD: Well, Swami Bon told me it was so violent and disgusting, they even smashed each other with bricks. He was horrified by the madness and left for Varanasi. I heard he voted for Tirtha Maharaj as successor.

ACBSP: Yes, there was a vote. It went to Tirtha Maharaj because he was already managing everything… he was like general manager of my Guru Maharaj. You know, he took Sannyas from a picture of Prabhupada!?

HD: Swami Bon sure does respect him. And I met him twice, once in Bagh Bazaar and another time in Mayapur … I went with Swami Bon a few times to meet his Godbrothers, I mean your Godbrothers, in Bengal.

ACBSP: And how did you like it, in Gaudiya Matha?

HD: The thing that I liked was how Bon Maharaja’s disciples mixed with the other disciples of your Godbrothers. It was like a big family. No one compared Gurus. There was mutual respect… I really miss that non-sectarian friendliness. I have never seen it outside of Gaudiya Matha?

ACBSP: Huummm! I know what you are thinking…

HD: (pause) What’s that, Gurudev?

ACBSP: You regret that I chose you to show what is jati-buddhi. Isn’t it? You think it was big risk to show them. Of course no one may commit Vaishnava-aparadha – in my name. What ever I have said is between brothers, my Godbrothers. You make take it as lila, but I have given clear order that my disciples cannot say such things… There must always be respect. Otherwise you will all be ruined. By Vaishnava aparadha there cannot be happiness.

HD: But Gurudev, they do. That make horrible statements against your Godbrothers, like they were enemies, and they quote you, like, “well that’s what Prabhupada said!” (pause) And I AM sorry that you chose me. It’s just as I feared. Instead of them thinking, “Ugh, Now I know what devotees of other Gurus feel like when they are spoken of in an insulting manner”, in stead they continue hating and they just add me to their hate list.

ACBSP: Huummmm!

HD: I even heard a young kanistha Australian Brahmacari, and he said the Gaudiya Matha were envious black snakes! I protested, but then he insisted he was only quoting you. He was blaming you, Gurudev! And because you wanted them to have a taste of Guru aparadha, now they have misunderstood; instead of respecting your Godbrothers, they just curse me too.

ACBSP: This matter they have misunderstood. My godbrothers, all devotees, especially Krishna devotees MUST be offered full respects. There must be no I and Mine, we must go back to Godhead, and by Vaishnava aparadha we become blocked up.

HD: Well, since your disappearance it didn’t take long for Iskcon to go weird.

ACBSP: What is weird, Hrisikesh?

HD: I mean about over-looking Narayana Maharaj and then choosing your 11 managers and promoting them to your position, as acharyas. They were all neophytes then, and most have fallen, like me, but I didn’t take anyone down with me. And all the crimes that were committed without your knowledge. It has caused irreparable damage since your disappearance. I mean to your good name. I feel ashamed to be associated with Iskcon, Gurudev, it is too bad. Even the Indian Ambassador rejected me because I was associated with Iskcon. He had such a bad opinion, in spite of all your books.

ACBSP: Yes, because they are doing all foolishness. And using my name as license. To commit offense. Therefore it has come to this (mess). Even Mukunda has done his best to protect. Still so many have gotten lost. What can I do? I tried my best... I gave everyone the chance! Even I was criticized. But I gave everyone the chance. And no one will be a loser… even a little Krishna Consciousness, it is so powerful.

HD: Gurudev, one of my main problems about Iskcon devotees is that if I allow them into my life they simply spoil my activities, usually just out of envy. They are a headache. Their warped idea that everything belongs to Krishna only means, “Give ME everything you have.” Or they just take it!

ACBSP: Envy! Yes, this is the thing. There must be no envy, no matsarjya. So you simply avoid envious people, then you can fulfill your destiny.

HD: What should I do to please you, Gurudev? I mean, now?

ACBSP: You fulfill your destiny. You work toward success. If you gain position please use that to serve Krishna... That will make me happy. I think you already know it.

HD: Tikachi, Gurudev! Aapnee klantoe achen? Aapnar jit taa hobee?

ACBSP: No, no! I am always in your heart. I am not going; only you are coming and going. You just remember, and do your best to succeed. Krishna also pushed Arjun, “You fight, you become BIG success!” Even Arjun was asking to become beggar. But Krishna ordered, “you fight, you will win, and the world will remember us”. Tumi bujee?

HD: Aamee bujeen! Thank you, Gurudev. I will meet you again, in the same way.

ACBSP: Hare Krishna!

HD: Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

Hare Krishna,


Hrisikesananda das