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Sanskrit Library and Book Preservation - A Project A Long Time in the Making

Mina - Sun, 02 Oct 2005 02:45:44 +0530
I originally presented this idea to our Baba over twenty years ago, and he was very much in favor of it. I was thinking of calling it the Kisorikisorananda Baba Library and Trust. I have many books in my private collection that are either already crumbling or about to start disintegrating, including the multivolume 10th Canto of SB with all of the commentaries (I was unable to send any of these to Jagat for the Grantha Mandir, on account of their fragility. Some of the pages literally crack off when you try to turn them). There is a company not far from where I live that does book deacidification, purportedly at half the price that it costs Library of Congress - in the range of 1 to 2 dollars US per book. So, preservation is the first order of business. The second thing is to plan a place to house the collection and raise funds to build a library at the site (or purchase an existing building perhaps).

If anyone has any ideas or would like to make a financial contribution for this project, please PM me.
Madhava - Sun, 02 Oct 2005 23:26:22 +0530
Thanks for bringing up the topic. This is definitely something we will need to look at in a spirit of cooperation in the not so distant future.

Right now we're working on getting our Gaudiya Kutir (once, "Chaitanya Foundation") project up, running and solid. I'd expect us to have our act together by the end of the year latest. I believe it's best that we first have a solid infrastructure up and running, and then look into expanding our field of activities.

Hold on to that thought. smile.gif