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New Forum for Devotees Now Online! -

Kshamabuddhi - Fri, 23 Sep 2005 10:53:00 +0530
Seeing a need for a forum that caters to the middle ground of todays Krishna consciousness movement, I have started another forum.
It seems that a good middle of the road forum that trys to accomodate and harmonize the diversity in the movement is sorely lacking.
I am hoping to fill that need with this new forum.

Everyone is welcome, but let's keep it congenial, even if we sometimes disagree.

You can find it at;

Please come and participate in a project that seeks to bring congeniality into discussions and issues facing the international Vaishnava community of today.

We hope to be liberal in accomodating diverse viewpoints, but very conservative in tolerating rudeness and insults.

I hope you will all join in this new project with a view to bringing more understanding and brotherhood amongst devotees of different bents and persuasions.
yajiv - Tue, 27 Sep 2005 05:20:28 +0530
Great initiative, something I have been looking for for quite some time can't wait to join, however maybee it needs to be advertized in more places to get more members?
Kshamabuddhi - Tue, 27 Sep 2005 10:01:07 +0530
QUOTE(yajiv @ Sep 26 2005, 11:50 PM)
Great initiative, something I have been looking for for quite some time can't wait to join, however maybee it needs to be advertized in more places to get more members?

Thanks for the input. The Bhakti forum is just a side project I have going. I have 3 other websites that I am developing now as well. I figured that since I had some quality hosting and plenty of resources I would go ahead and start a forum.
This forum here, Gaudiya Discussions, is the only forum I participate on anymore and I really appreciate the devotees here, yet I see a need for a forum that is a little more accomdating to the broader spectrum of devotees. I am trying to fill a need for something like that.
I do need to advertise it more. Hopefully, I will get around to doing that in the future.
However, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to the project and it will be slow to get off the ground. I know that there are many devotees that read this forum but do not participate. I am hoping to attract some of them to Bhakti Forums.
I will be needing some moderators.
Anyone interested in the position can please leave me a PM at

I want everyone to know that this is not something I plan to administrate as a despot. I am mainly just looking for discussions and some internet sanga in an atmosphere that is liberal and accomodating to a broad range of devotees.

I hope that some of the members here can also join and feel free to speak openly as they wish. Diversity is welcome, but I do plan to keep it congenial and civil, even if some debate and disagreement comes up. I am very open to debate. But flaming, name-calling and censorship will be unwelcome.

Again, I need moderators and members who can make this forum interesting and inviting to a wide range of devotees.

Please join the forum and message me if you are interested in helping to make something nice out of the forum. I surely don't have time to do it alone. I am a very busy man with few hours(minutes) in the day to dedicate to the forum.

The forum will not be ISKCON/Gaudiya Math oriented.
The premise is bhakti, wherever and in whomever it is found.

ISKCON is not intended to be alienated, yet ISKCON will not dominate the atmosphere either.

Common interests and common principles will be emphasized above sectarian dogma of any variety or species - a forum where can agree to disagree, yet seek common grounds for brotherhood and fraternity.

As of now, I don't have any members. sad.gif crying.gif