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Dasi Vatsalata - Doting affection for hand maids

Madanmohan das - Sat, 17 Sep 2005 00:57:40 +0530
Here is an excellent couplet from RRSN.

ghanapulakakapolA svAdayanti madAsyer-
payatu kimati dAsI vatsalA karhi rAdhA//

Whose cheeks thrill with intense horripilation
by the taste of partially chewed betel leaf,
seasoned with fresh clove cut into peices,
and camphor in good quantity, received
from the lovely moon-like mouth of her beloved;
When will such Radha, having indescribable affection
for her attendant hand maids, ever place
that half-chewed betel leaf-wrap in my mouth?

RRSN 156

Based on Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan edition.

Again in Sri Das Goswami's VKA, to show how that might occur;

svamukhAnmanmukhe devi kadA tAmbUlacarvitam/
snehAt sarvadizo vIkSya samaye tvaM pradAsyasi//

O goddess! when wilt thou, impelled by deep affection,
having cautiously surveyed all directions for an oppertune moment,
transfer your partially chewed betel leaf
from your own mouth into mine?

VKA 93

Please refer to the commentaries of Sri Ananta das Pt. on both verses for further examination. I would have posted some passages, but have access to neither presently.
Madanmohan das - Sun, 18 Sep 2005 05:42:37 +0530
From Siddha Krsna dasa babaji's Prarthamrta Tarangini.

zrI rAga
zrIkuNDera taTe hema vedIra upari/
vaiThaba sakhI sange kizora kizorI//
vipina bhramaNa zrame gharma duhuM ange/
manda manda vAtAsa kariba Ami range//
nija jana jAni more manjulAli gaurI/
ingite kahibe more Ana jalajhAri//
jala diyA duhuM mukha dhu'yA muchAiba/
tAmbUla karpUra kabe duhuM mukhe diba//
o rAngA caraNa dhari sevana kariba/
hena dazA katadine kRSNadAsera haba//

Maybe this pada ought to have come first to invoke the servile disposition, but then again to contemplate the dasi vatsalata of kRSNa-priyAvali-mukhyA Radharani would also serve that purpose. Dasi vatsalata ie, fond affection for maisdservants, is one of her many excellent virtues. I'm not sure if it is included in the 25 divine attributes enumerated by Sri Rupa. Anyway without further digression here's the rough meaning of Siddha baba's pada.

On the banks of the beautiful lake, upon a golden platform,
Kisora and Kisori shall take their seat, surrounded by the chaperons.
Fatigued from wandering throughout the wooded bowers,
the couple's limbs are bedewed with perspiration,
and with soft strokes of the fan, most playfully will I
a gentle breeze upon them drive.
Knowing me as one of her own, the fair Manjulali
will by word and gesture, order me to fetch a jug of water,
with which water I shall wash their faces, and with a towel
wipe them dry. O! when shall I then place succulant tambula,
seasoned with camphor, in the couples mouths?
Those roseate feet I clasp and so would serve;
after how many days will Krsnadas attain such a blessed state?