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Common occurences of Y, .D and & - Help me track them down

Madhava - Wed, 14 Sep 2005 06:18:20 +0530
With regards to the Padavali-project. There are fair amounts of transliterated Bengali that are lacking in distinctions between y and Y (.y), D and P (.D), as well as between chandrabindu, anusvara and G. (The two former are often mixed, and chandrabindu is often rendered as G.)

Please post some common words where these occur to help make a good search-replace index to precede the proofreading of the said texts and to cut down on manual changes. I'll add to the list in this post.

Of some of what's in here aren't more or less universal, please point that out too to prevent messing up valid entries in the search-replaces. I'm breaking them up in "Always" and "Often" to differentiate between things you can just search-replace, and things you can search for.


Full vowels amidst words

haite = ha_ite
yAite = yA_ite
laite = la_ite

The two D:s

gauDIya = gauPIya
baDa = baPa

The two Y:s

yaya = yAYa
haya = haYa
*iyA = *iYA in verbs


doGh* = do&h*
duGh* = du&h*
tAGh* = tA&h*


saGkIrtana = saMkIrtana



*ilA = *_ilA in verbs