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This section is reserved for all varieties of visual content. Post in a series of pictures from a sacred place, upload a video clip if you will, or a recording you made of a sweet kirtan.

Photos of the London Swaminarayan temple -

Gaurasundara - Mon, 05 Sep 2005 05:23:27 +0530
On a recent trip to the world-famous marble Swaminarayan temple here in the UK, I had the presence of mind to take along my Sony T3 digicam. I was also lucky enough to arrive there in the mid.late evening around the time of sunset. This contributed to a cool-blue sky for a background that produced some beautiful shadows.

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Gaurasundara - Mon, 05 Sep 2005 05:39:42 +0530

It appears that you will need to click on these pics in order to view them in a new window in their full glory and original size, as this forum employs compression so that posted photos are not displayed too big.

If anyone would like to see more of my pics of this temple, please go here and here.
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Sadhupriya - Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:19:18 +0530

What are the Swaminarayan's doctrine? Who do they worship, e.t.c?
Have a great day!

Radhe Radhe!
Gaurasundara - Sun, 11 Sep 2005 05:59:36 +0530

As far as I am aware, they follow a theology and moral code set out by a spiritual leader named Sahajanand Swami, whom they revere as an incarnation of God (Bhagavan Swaminarayan). The two most referred scriptures in their tradition are the 'Shiksapatri' and the 'Vachanamritam,' and they claim to follow the Sri Vaishnava school of Vedanta via Ramanand Swami. You can find out more info here and here. The website of the famous Neasden temple photographed above is here.