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bhATiyAlI rAga - sarega and MP3

ananga - Wed, 24 Aug 2005 04:36:06 +0530
my samsad bangla dictionary describes bhAtiyAlI ভাটিয়ালী as "Indian musical mode originally sung by boatmen" or "a song sung in aforementioned mode".

Here are the notes (using sarega which is the indian equivalent to do re mi) for those with a harmonium. When printed out at 100% on A4 paper it should match up correctly with the keys on a standard (non scale-changer harmonium).

I've got some recordings on minidisc which I'll transfer to mp3 ASAP.

Also I'd be grateful if the more shastralogically inclined would post quotes from CC and CB regarding this raga as I seem to recall that it was mentioned in one of those albeit using a slightly different spelling. In fact love any descriptions of any of the ragas.

Thanks in advance
Attachment: simple_bhatiyali_sarega.PDF