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Svapna Vilaasa Gitam - Sri Narahari's Song of Sweet Dream !

anuraag - Mon, 22 Aug 2005 19:44:21 +0530
Namaste all.

My translation to a pada of Sri Narahari dasa Thakur
from 'Gambhiraa me Sri Vishnupriya' - pg. 192

This song describes of a sweet dream in which conjugal
Madhurya Rasa is enjoyed by the Gopi-Sakhi (Madhumati):

My Divine Beloved appeared on my bed and seated Himself
very, very close to me.... It is impossible for me to count my blessings!
I could only look at Him with a heavy side-long
glance overpowered by my silly shyness.

The Embodiment of amorous Love, Gaura Candra,
the Golden Moon, knowing this maid servant fully well
to be His own possession, His eternally surrendered soul,
plunged me in His boundless joy of Divine Love,

He sweetly whispered again and again into my ears -
"Dearest sweetheart, I love you more than my very own life!"
and took me into His firm embrace drowning my consciousness in ecstatic bliss.
But still I was mercilessly restrained by my natural feminine shyness.

Lord Gaura skillfully transfered into my mouth the intoxicating
nectar of His chewed paan
- (spiced betel leaves) and
started drinking the beauty of my face, tenderly caressing my lips
with His soft lotus hands!

Who could even imagine the expertise of His passionate love making!

In the concluding verse, Sri Narahari declares-
My soul Beloved has deeply imprinted His ever lasting image upon
my tender melted heart - as the One and Only desirable, seductive
Supreme male, Who ever enchants the blessed youthful maidens.

The same author also wrote these exquisite Sanskrit verse:

gopInAM kuca-kuGkumena nicitaM vAsaH kim asyAruNam
nindan-kAJcana-kAnti-rasa-rasika-zleSeNa gauraM vapuH
tAsAM gADha-karAbhibandhana-rasollAsodgamaM dRzyate
AzcaryyaM sakhi pazya lampaTa-guroH sannyAsI-vezaM sthito

How amazing, Sakhi!
Look, just at this Master of the debauchees,
flouting a Sanyasi's garb!

While secretly fleeing His country Gokula, His pitambara attire turned saffron
by the kunkuma smears left from the Gopis' breasts and His "rAdhAnurAga"
turned His eyes red!

But after enjoying the 'rAsa', He stole the Gopis' golden 'kAnti' to become Gaura!
So I'll bet that the intoxicating touch left by Their sweet embraces is making Him horripilate!

(translation of the Sanskrit verse given by Jagat)
anuraag - Tue, 23 Aug 2005 20:30:57 +0530
Namaste all.

Gopi Saint Mira bai had also declared her sweet dream in this song:

"mai mhAre supnA mAM..."

In my dream, sister,
the Lord of the downtrodden wed me.

Deities danced in attendence,
fifty-six million,
the Dark One was Groom in my dream.

In my dream were arched marriage gateways,
a clasping of hands, sister.

In a dream
the Lord of the downtrodden
married Mira and took her to bed.

Good fortune from previous births
comes to fruit.

('For Love Of The Dark One'- Songs of Mirabai, Andrew Schelling)

Gauranga Mahaprabhu's intimate devotee Sri Vasudeva Ghosa wrote:

Today, Prema has overwhelmed me as never before.

I dreamt that I was sleeping in Gaurasundara's arms.
And when gazing upon his face, I become choked up.
Thus my tears trickled onto my breasts to form
a lustrous black necklace of collyrium.
And as my tilaka dripped over my clothes,
they slackened and fell aside.

Thus speaks Vasu Ghosa, agape with Prema.

(courtesy of Goracanda das)

Jaya Sri Radhey!