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Your worshipable Deities -

gauraprema - Fri, 27 Sep 2002 07:32:59 +0530
Dear devotees,

Jai Sri Radhe!

I am just curious to find out if any of the esteemed devotees here are worshipping Deities in their home, and if they do, which Deities they are worshipping. Almost always, I see in the Gaudiya Maths, the presiding Deities are Mahaprabhu, and Sri Sri Radha and Krishna. In raganuga bhajan, is deity worship prescribed, and if so, what Deities are recommended to be worshipped? Do raganuga devotees worship Sri Sri Gaur Nitai deities? Or Sri Sri Gaura Gadadhar deities? Or Radha Krishna Deities?

Sorry for so many questions, I have some attraction for Deity worship and was just wondering about this. Please explain and help.... would appreciate it heaps! Thanks so much!

Jai Radhe!

Your servant
Radhapada - Fri, 27 Sep 2002 17:02:53 +0530
Baba recommends that we do 'Thakur' seva (Deity worship). He gives his disciples, or have them purchase a picture of the Pancha Tattva, Sakhi Yugal (Radha and Krsna flanked by Lalita and Rupa Manjari), and the Six Goswamis. After the pictures are framed they are brought to him were the next morning during puja They are installed with an abhisek (of course, not directly on the picture). Then they are decorated, made offerings and given back to the disciple that afternoon. If a devotee wishes to worship Govardhana Shila, then Baba gives him one, after he worships first as previously described. We also worship the disciplic succession and Guru, but those pictures are not installed.

In our home we worship a murti of Sri Radha-Krsna that Baba installed, as well as the picture Deities mentioned above, including Govardhana Sila.
gauraprema - Sat, 28 Sep 2002 18:54:14 +0530
Jai Sri Radhe!

Thanks Radhapadaji for that wonderful contribution.... any more experiences and information to share? I have some desire to worship Mahaprabhu, and RAdha Krishna, as they do in the Gaudiya Mathas, but is this following in line with the raganuga saints? Please comment! Thank you so much..

Your servant