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BST Radhakund Babaji Paper Circulating? - Where can I find a copy?

purifried - Sat, 13 Aug 2005 03:08:11 +0530
Dear all,

I admit, "I heard it through the grapevine" that there is a paper circulating amonst the ISKCON folk in Mayapur about Bhaktisiddhanta (BST) and the Radhakund Babajis. Aparently the paper isn't flattering of ISKCON, which is why it is an issue. I would like to read this paper as the topic interests me and all I've read to date on it is one booklet by Tripurari and an essay by Nitai. If anyone could help me with a link or a copy of this paper I'd be much obliged.

Rumor has it that it was authored by "Adwaita". I know that the Adwaita from the US didn't write it. So...? huh.gif

Thanks in advance to whomever can help me with this.

Madhava - Sat, 13 Aug 2005 04:14:29 +0530
On Nitai's website, you'll find in the left column a heading, "Guest Columns", under which he lists Advaita Das. He has produced an essay called Miskconceptions. Though Nitai's old version of his site isn't available for reference any longer on his site, by looking at the version of Nitai Zine #7 at Archive.Org, you'll see it is little but a polished version of the "Guest Article: The Gaudiya Vaisnava Institution of Parampara".

Interestingly, in the introduction to #7 of his zone, Nitai suggests that the author is female, which led to much speculation on the authorship of the said article that stirred quite a bit of controversy as it made its circles around the cyberspace. Perhaps the editor was overwhelmed with gopi-bhava and only thought of the author's svarupa, who knows.

As peculiar as it is, in an older topic Advaita provided a link to the said essay and when asked about its authorship, seemed to have little idea over who was behind it. Now the updated #7 on Nitai's site under the Archive section seems to also credit him as the author. Whoever wrote what, I believe this is the text you're looking at. Advaitadas is from Holland, not from the US. Or did you think of another Advaita Das?

At any rate, please let's not start going over the contents of that essay again, or over any other controversial IGM issues for that matter. If you feel there is an issue that hasn't been addressed and should be looked into, please PM the moderators about that and we'll see what's the best way to proceed.