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GaudiyaDiscussions Downtime - Actually, it's just server maintenance...

DharmaChakra - Wed, 10 Aug 2005 23:02:47 +0530
Ok, this isn't about Gaudiya Discussions going bye-bye, its about doing some routine maintenance on the server that hosts GD.

I'll be doing some maintenance tonight @ 11:00 PM Eastern, which is.. let's see.. I'm not to good with math... 6:00 Pacific? No.. 8:00 Pacific. I think.

Anyways, it should only take me 15 minutes or so, and GD will most likely be responding during this time, but just please careful posting. Since I will be stopping and restarting the web server, I would hate to have someone hit 'Post Reply' & not have it go through. Please, if you are posting in this timeframe, just copy & paste the contents of your post to your clipboard so its not lost.

Again: routine maintenance, over @ 11:15 PM Eastern, if you are not posting, you probably won't even notice.
Madhava - Wed, 10 Aug 2005 23:10:13 +0530
But if you don't behave, he might just forget to service httpd start. biggrin.gif
DharmaChakra - Thu, 11 Aug 2005 08:52:13 +0530
All set. Please resume typical operations smile.gif