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Snippets from here and there -

Jagat - Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:54:33 +0530
I have been amiss in not posting much lately. I have just been too lazy to distribute the gems that I am zipping over. (Alas, sharing also takes valuable time...)

I have been relishing the Rasa lila of late. One of my favorite verses is 10.29.32, where the gopis say, "Alright Krishna, you've been giving us so many good instructions about our religious duties to our husbands, serving them, our children, their friends, and so on. That's all very good, but astv evam etad upadeza-pade tvayIze--Let all those instructions be executed in relation to you, who is giving them. For indeed it is you who are truly the beloved, the friend and the soul of all beings."

In other words, you are telling us to serve our husbands, well we have news for you--we know who is the soul of our soul.

Sanatan Goswami's Brihad Vaishnava Toshani commentary (I have now decided until further evidence that both the Vaishnava Toshanis are Sanatan's) has the following twist on the line above quoted. The gopis are being sarcastic. "Let all these instructions be applied to you who is giving them. In other words, follow your own advice. Become a woman yourself and serve your own husband, etc. For if a guru doesn't follow his own teachings, then no disciple will follow him." (anyathA gurv-ananuSThite karmaNi ziSyANAm apravRttiH syAt).

That's all. That's why I called it a snippet.