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Gaudiya padavali kirtan of choice. Whenever you come across an inspiring song, post it here.

Poems of Vidyapati -

Madhava - Sun, 31 Jul 2005 23:26:06 +0530

tAtala saikate, bAri-bindu-sama,
suta-mita-ramaNI-samAje |
tohe visari mana, tAhe samarpala,
ab majhu habo kon kAje || 1 ||

Scorched on a sandy beach, children, friends and women are but a drop of water;
Forgetting you, I have offered myself to them - now what shall I do, what will become of this?

mAdhava! hAma pariNAm nirAzA |
tuhuG jaga-tAraNa, dIna doyA-moy,
ataye tohAri vizoyAsA || 2 ||

O Madhava! I am now without hope!
You are the savior of the world, full of compassion for the poor,
Therefore I rest all my hope in you!

Adha janama hAma, ninde goyAyaluG,
jarA zizu koto-dina gelA |
nidhuvane ramaNI, rasa-raGge mAtala,
tohe bhajabo kon belA || 3 ||

I am half-alive, leading a life of disgrace, having wasted who knows how many days as a child and in old age;
Maddened by erotic pastimes with charming women, how will I have a chance of serving you?

koto caturAnana, mari mari jAota,
na tuyA Adi avasAnA |
tohe janami puna, tohe samAota,
sAgara-laharI samAnA || 4 ||

Countless Brahmas have born and died, yet you are without beginning and end;
Of you they take birth, and in you they vanish like waves of an ocean.

bhaNaye vidyApati, zeSa zamana-bhoy,
tuyA vinA gati nAhi ArA |
Adi-anAdika, nAtha kahAyasi,
bhava-tAraNa bhAra tohArA || 5 ||

Vidyapati proclaims at the end of his life, in fear of Yama: Aside you, there is no shelter!
You are called the beginning and the beginningless, O Master: the task of deliverance from this world is yours!

Found in "More Songs of the Vaishnava Saints" compiled by Dasarath Suta. Translation mine.
Sakhicharan - Tue, 02 Aug 2005 03:58:22 +0530

Sakhi! What is it that you want to know about the affairs of my heart?
If I attempt to describe the attachment born of that love,
it assumes new shapes at every moment...

I have seen His beauty all my life, yet my eyes are never satisfied.
I have always heard His sweet words,
yet my ears have never been sufficiently touched by them...

How many spring nights have I spent in ecstatic pleasure?
As of yet, I have never realized the extent of that enjoyment.
I have placed one heart within another heart for millions of yugas, yet my heart has never experienced the fullness of satisfaction...

I have observed many an artful lover enjoying the passions of rasa,
but still not realizing total fulfillment.
Vidyapati says, "Even amongst a hundred thousand clever relishers, a single person of satisfied heart is not to be found".

Translation by Dasaratha-suta dasji
anuraag - Tue, 02 Aug 2005 07:13:28 +0530
For heaven's sake, listen, listen, O my darling

For heaven's sake, listen, listen, O my darling:
Do not dart your cruel, angry glances at me,

For I swear by the lovely pitchers of your breasts,
And by your golden, glittering, snake-like necklace:
If ever on earth I dare touch anyone except you,
Let your necklace turn into a real snake, and bite me;
And if ever my promise and words prove false,
Chastise me, O darling, in the way you want to.
But, now, don't hesitate to take me in your arms,
Bind, bind my thirsty body with yours; bruise me
With your thighs, and bite, bite me with your teeth.
Let your fingernails dig deep, deep into my skin!

Strangle me, for heaven's sake, with your breasts,
And lock me in the prison of your body forever!

Vidyapati (1352?-1448): Love Songs to Krishna

vijayalakshmi - Tue, 18 Oct 2005 12:23:37 +0530
I wish water would wash away
this my day of shame.

As I climbed the steps
to the Jamuna bank,
my skin was glistening
through my thin, wet clothes
and all my limbs
were open to view
when Krishna descended upon me.
I tried to cover
the curves of my thighs
with my hair by cowering down.
He fixed his gaze upon my breasts
but I turned my back on him.
And Krishna, unyielding, smiled at me
as I helplessly struggled
to hide myself.


vidyApati retorts: You silly girl,
Why didn't you rush to the river again?

copied from Songs of Krishna, trans. Deben Bhattacharya
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